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Artist Dissects Toys to Reveal Their Skeletons and Guts

My bet is that you have never once asked yourself, “Hey, what does Mickey Mouse look like on the inside? You know, where his guts and everything are?” However, after you see the big-eared mouse’s anatomical make up it is going to be hard not to picture it all the time, like you’ve been cursed with some very specific X-ray vision you didn’t ask for.

In fact, when you see the pretty amazing and one-of-a-kind work of this artist, you’re going to probably start imagining what all of your toys look like under their skin.

These figures are the work of Jason Freeney of Moist Production, who says his “unique” visual style is “influenced by artists such as Robert Williams, MC Escher, Claes Oldenburg, and Andy Warhol.” (And also, we’d imagine, whoever created the Inside-Out Boy character from Nickelodeon in the early ’90s.)


Freeney performs his “dissections” by carving out one half of a figure to reveal its skeleton and organs. While there may be something slightly unsettling about seeing toys the way your high school biology teacher may have imagined them, they are unquestionably cool and the work of a very talented artist.

He-Man-dissectedWe have a couple more pictures of his pieces in our gallery below. You can check out even more of Jason’s work, including his non-dissection art, at his website and Facebook pages. You can also purchase pieces of his work for your own collection.

Which fictional character would you like to see him dissect next? Cut up our comments section with your thoughts below.

HT: rocketnews24
Images: Jason Freeney


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