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Join The RC Empire Today With This Star Destroyer Quadcopter!

It’s pretty clear that our dreams of all sorts of Star Wars quadcopters are coming true. Oliver C is back again with his brand new RC Imperial Star Destroyer.

“Hold on a minute, ANOTHER Star Wars drone?” you ask, out loud, to a website, like a crazy person. Well, yes it’s happening again.

We’ve featured radio-controlled, Star Wars-themed quadcopters before, including Oliver C’s first two — The Imperial TIE Interceptor and Millennium Falcon. We also showed you a some RC action fit for The Forest Moon of Endor with Adam Woodworth’s custom Speeder Bike/Scout Trooper combo. But Oliver has really outdone himself this time if for no other reason than the camera flyovers mimicking the first scene after the iconic Star Wars title crawl.

With the score now being a very uneven Empire: 3, Rebellion: 1, we need you RC enthusiasts to step up your game and balance this out. Where’s the Rebel fleet? Where are the X-Wings quadcopters? Where are the B-wing heavy assault drones? We want, nay, We NEED a Rebel fleet so that we can complete our all drone re-enactments.

Wait! We’ve got it! Hear us out. Someone needs to make a few T-47 airspeeder quadcopters. Next, we get in touch with Boston Dynamics and have make one of their cargo robots look like an AT-AT. You see where we’re going with this? The Battle of Hoth recreated on the small scale with RC quad-copters and exorbitantly expensive pack mule robots. Don’t believe how awesome that could be? We’ll let these GIFs paint the potential AT-AT picture for you.



Is it a step too far to also want little mini Tauntauns for our totally not going to happen Hoth battle? What could work? We’re thinking trained… meerkats?

What’s your favorite Star Wars Quad-copter so far? Is it possible to train meerkats to act like Tauntauns? Let us know in the comments below.

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