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STAR WARS Speeder Bike Quadcopter Turns Every Forest Into Endor

In what we hope will be a continuing trend, someone upped the ante and created yet another Star Warsthemed quad-copter. Ladies and gentleman, we present to you, a DIY speeder bike!

Star Wars quad-copters are clearly all the rage as of late from the Millennium Falcon to the Imperial TIE Interceptor. Throwing his hat into the ring of Star Wars awesomeness and putting some insane detail into his build is multi-rotor racing enthusiast Adam Woodworth. Not content with just gutting a toy and lashing it to a stock quad-copter, Adam first went through the trouble of laying it out in CAD.


Woodworth modified a Hasbro Speeder toy and built everything into it including the power supplies, all while keeping the bike and rider balanced over the center of lift.



Speaking of the rider, a store bought toy was too heavy to just stick on top, so a custom Nerf dart and pipe cleaner Scout Trooper body was made. Perhaps even more impressive is the interchangeable foam head fitted with a tiny camera for an amazing first person point of view.



Let us re-iterate that for you. This spectacular man put a camera on a custom-made head of a toy so that we could all feel like we are riding a speeder bike. Mr. Woodworth, you deserve a medal. Well done, sir.


While not quite the forest moon of Endor, seeing this zip around a few trees is enough to make us all want to join The Empire. Sure we could join The Rebellion but then we’d have to steal one, and we want the whole speeder motor pool at our disposal.

What do you think of Adam’s Speeder? What Star Wars vehicle would you want to see next? Do you think my older brothers will ever forgive me for breaking their original Kenner Speeder Bikes when I was nine? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. dc says:

    is there anywhere to get the specs or instructions for this I want one right Meow!

  2. Jenna says:

    Definitely creating one of these now thanks for sharing this! Have a few other cool ideas to try as well maybe mine will blow up like this.

  3. bigpapa31b says:

    dude, where’s my speeder? seriously. I need me one of those like now

  4. Brian says:

    Quick, now slam it in to a tree!!