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Yes, Someone Built a Millennium Falcon Drone

You know what we love? Drones…at least the fun kind. But you know what we love more than drones? Star Wars. So, imagine how much we flipped our collective s**t when those two things were brought together by one crafty maker who wanted nothing more than to fly a Millennium Falcon of their own. Think we’re pulling some kind of Jedi mind-trick on you? Just check out the gallery below:

But even better than this gallery are the two awesome flight videos that were put out by craft’s creator:

Built by Frenchman Oliver C., this radio-controlled work of art is powered by a quadcopter Oliver’s named “PROPHECY 335.” Specs for the build of the actual drone flying the ship can be found at the RC Groups forum.

It’s clear this guy is one of the top Star Wars fans in the game (sorry Amy). It takes a lot of time and effort to create a piece like this, and we envy this Jedi master for his patience, persistence and ingenuity for all things force.

However, based on his Reddit post, Oliver has no plans to stop here. He’s revealed the goal for his next build is to craft a fully-functioning Tie Fighter drone. Now, if he pulls that off, then we’ll be expecting him to re-create the final shot from the end of the Force Awakens trailer – special effects lasers and all.

Tie Fighter

What do you think of Oliver’s drone? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. HereToStay says:

    Quadcopters are not drones.

  2. Nyx says:

    I remember when we called these “model airplanes” and “remote-controlled helicopters”. I think the whole “drone” thing has gone out of control. There’s a difference between a drone and an RC toy. 

    • Carlos Roots says:

      As an RC enthusiast, I agree. I think it’s all marketing to appeal to a wider audience. Drones sound more “adult” than RC toy you buy at the kid section of Walmart.

  3. mr2miach says:

    I approve of this message!

  4. Chris says:

    Shut up and take my money!