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We Turned That “Johny Johny Yes Papa” Meme into a Horror Movie

A well-known nursery rhyme with something not quite right about it. A son with a dark obsession he’s desperate to keep secret. A father who will not tolerate being told lies any longer. Sound horrifying? It truly is, as anyone who has ever seen the strange popular meme “Johny Johny Yes Papa” will tell you. Like a supernatural serial killer it rises from the graveyard of the world wide web every few years to creep us out all over again. It’s so unsettling it feels more like the premise of a horror movie than a kid’s song, so as part of our month-long celebration of Nerdoween, we took that weird internet sensation and made it one.

From the team that brought you “Tommy Wiseau’s Dark Knight,” Nerdist Presents gives you the trailer for this year’s scariest new horror film No Papa—a terrifying tale of sugar and deception. Meet Johny, a young man whose insatiable need for sweet, sweet relief from life doesn’t sit well with his dad. Filmed at the Hollywood Castle, it’s like if The Shining met Willy Wonka, where even if you make it out alive you’re doomed to madness from a song you’ll never get out of your head.

We want to write taglines for “No Papa” forever.

Johny has a killer sweet tooth.

Never lie to Papa.

Sugar? Naw. Murder murder.

What other internet meme or kid’s song do you think would make for a great horror movie? Don’t tell us lies, it would be sweet to hear your best ideas in the comments section below.

Igor Hiller as Johny
Ryan Stanger as Father
Peter Banifaz as Detective

Directed, Produced, & Written by Jason Nguyen
Associate Producer Erik Kozura
Edited by Matt Caron
Assistant Editor David Palmeri
Titles and GFX by Caleb Drewel
Colorist Rick Wilson
Music & Sound Design by Jon Odate

Director of Photography Connor Heck
1st AC Patrick Geraghty
Gaffer Conor Soules
BBE Patrick Mattes
Key Grip Zach Trout
BBG Jake Reardon
Production Sound Jon Odate
Key HMU Edwin Monzon
Production Designer Mitch Thompson
Wardrobe Stylist Christina Bushner
Production Coordinator Katy Hampton
Key Set PA Dan Kleba
PA Jose Sosa
Site Rep Levi Wallace

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