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The “SUPER MARIO Level Up Challenge” Raises the Game on Dance Crazes

Spider-Man dusted the competition with his video for Drake’s “In My Feelings” Challenge, but that wasn’t the only dance craze of the summer. Ciara responded with her own “Level Up Challenge” to fans, which big names like Chris Pratt and Kelly Clarkson answered with helpful advice on how everyone can improve their personal life. But when it comes to “leveling up” there’s only one super pair of plumbers we trust to lead the way. Thatsa right, itsa Mario and Luigi, and they have mad game on the dance floor.

Nerdist Presents the “Super Mario Level Up Challenge,” featuring the world’s leading experts on improving your outlook on life by literally increasing your size. But “wahs” this? They’re not coming alone? No, because the best way to kick things up a notch is with your whole crew, and the dance floor has a strange way of making enemies your friends, especially when you get to dance to a version of the song with your own super lyrics.

If Ciara’s “Level Up Challenge” were a video game, this would be the final boss level, because everybody else just got served by the Super Mario Bros. gang.

Though in fairness they have had a 30-year head start on leveling up.

You can check out the lyrics to the song below, along with the team responsible for the video, but we also want to know what other dance craze would you like to see us give a special pop culture take on? Level Up our comments with your best ideas.


5 4 3 2 1


Ooh the princess she love me
Cuz I get that money
Bowser he keeps me running
Get a Star I’m so lucky


Ooh the princess she love me
Cuz I get that money
Bowser he keeps me running
Get a Star I’m so lucky

Them old koopas are gone
I won’t fight them no more
That’s old me
It’s a new me
Let’s get to the dance floor

I just keep coin collecting
And Princess Peach protecting
With Cappy
I’m happy
I beat my highest score

Oh I can jump all you want
I dodge them piranhas
Nothing I’m afraid of
All if you just push start

5 4 3 2 1



Julian Stokes as Mario
Instagram @_julianstokes

Ben Carter as Luigi
Instagram @bencarterdance

Pernille Soe as Princess Peach
Instagram @pernillesoe

Francisco as Toad
Instagram @franherrera_i

Shai Mizrahi as Yoshi
Instagram @shaimizzz

Savana Petruzello as Daisy
Instagram @savanapetruzello

Nick Phillips as Bowser
Instagram @nicholascphillips.iii

Dalton Shooks as Wario
Instagram @daltonshooks

Marquise Myles as Waluigi
Instagram @_m_myles

Malik Ogeare as Baby Mario
Instagram @malikogeare

Christian Flippo as Baby Luigi
Instagram @christian.flippo


Directed by Andrew Bowser
Produced by Jason Nguyen
Lyrics by Aliza Pearl, Joey Clift, Jason Nguyen, and Andrew Bowser
Music by Jon Odate
Edited by Andrew Bowser
Recording Producer Freddy Scott
Associate Producer Erik Kozura

Vocals by Ciara Renee

DP Connor Heck
Wardrobe Stylist Christina Bushner
Wardrobe Assist Morgan Thompson
Production Coordinator Katy Hampton
Key Set PA Jose Sosa
PA Ben Papac
PA Jordan Rockower
PA Jon Odate
Set Teacher Jan Turetsky
Set Photographer Josh Thomas
VFX Artist Rowan Glenn
Additional VFX Tim Herrold

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