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We Gave SKYSCRAPER the DIE HARD-Inspired Retro Trailer It Deserves

This summer Dwayne Johnson is the only man capable of standing up to a team of international criminals who have taken an entire building hostage. It’s like 2018’s answer to the action film classic Die Hard. But while The Rock might be a modern day John McClane with better leaping abilities, there’s one thing he doesn’t have that John McClane did. No, we’re not talking about a machine gun, we’re talking about a cheesy, narrated trailer full of terrible puns. Until now that is, because we gave Skyscraper the retro teaser it deserves.

Nerdist Presents brings to you our newest Remix, from the team that gave you that amazing ’80s trailer for Thor: Ragnarok. Because while Skyscraper might give us the tallest building in the world, the most epic jump ever seen, and The Rock fighting terrorists, the one thing its predecessor could still hold over it was a corny promo.

Now that’s how you build excitement for a movie. Even if trailers are much slicker than they used to be, a great pun still towers over even the coolest teaser. That’s why this is one remix that really Rocks. Sorry, when we get going it’s difficult to stop. I guess you can say bad jokes Die Hard.

Buildings might get taller, bad guys might get meaner, and heroes might get bigger muscles, but cheesy puns never go out of style.

Skyscraper comes to theaters this week on July 13.

What other classic action movie does Skyscraper remind you of? Climb into our comments section below and let us know.


Edited by Matt Caron
Written by Joan Ford and Matt Caron
Narration by Darin De Paul
Graphics by Charles Shattuck

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