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HELLRAISER’s Pinhead Joins Onyx the Fortuitous on the Couch

Meeting your idols is one of the true pleasures of hosting your own show. But for Onyx the Fortuitous, true pleasure tends to be accompanied by intense pain. And the latest visitor to sit down with our very own Slayer of the Bright Realm knows all about the fine line between the sublime and suffering, as he is the only being to share Onyx’s degree of fondness for existence on the edge of delight and discomfort: Hellraiser‘s Pinhead.

The Cenobite leader was the second guest to visit our new animated series On the Couch with Onyx. Just like when Deadpool offered Onyx the chance to join the X-Force, “Elliott” had something for our host. What was it? To find out you’ll have to enter the darkest and most disturbing world of them all! A place where demons, nightmares, and evil reign—Onyx’s mom’s garage.

Who is the more monstrous creature, Pinhead or Onyx’s mom Nancy? We don’t know, but we’d rather take our chances with the puzzle box than get blood on her couch. There are worse things than an eternity of having our skin turned inside out.

Which iconic horror figure would you love to see meet Onyx On the Couch next time? Draw up your best ideas in our comments section below for the next great Fortuitous meeting.


Created By: Chris Raimo And Andrew Bowser
Written By: Andrew Bowser
Produced & Animated By: Tim Herrold
Character Designs: Chris Raimo
Additional Designs & Animation: Caleb Drewel

Andrew Bowser as Onyx the Fortuitous
Jason Nguyen as Pinhead
Julie Brister as Nancy

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