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Japanese Game Composers Team Up to Release Free Collaboration Album

While gameplay, characters, and graphics are obviously all key elements that make video games great, it is the music that takes everything to the next level and sets the tone for the entire experience. Sometimes, the tunes are so good that you want to take them out of the game and listen to them any time you want. Unfortunately, getting your hands on the original albums is getting both tougher and more expensive these days.

Enter Imported, the brand new compilation album that brings some of the best Japanese game composers like Takahiro Izutani (Metal Gear Solid and Bayonetta series), Yu Shimoda (Mega Man 9), Hideyuku “eiceph” Fukusawa (Street Fighter IV) and more together to create a free original album.

“I grew up listening to soundtracks for games like Street Fighter II, Metroid Prime and Sonic Adventure 2,” reflects Producer Kevin Pescoran. “But when I tried to get my hands on more recent soundtracks like Sonic Unleashed, VANQUISH, or Bayonetta, I could only find them for $80 to $100, and realized there was a need for an easier way to get this music to fans around the world.”

The album, which is available completely free of charge on Bandcamp, also features the following artists:

  • Tenpei Sato (Disgaea series)
  • Go Sato (Raiden series)
  • Dr. COVA (Phantasy Star Online and Sonic)
  • Takayuki Nakamura (LUMINES series and Rodea the Sky Solider)
  • Jupiter-B (DARIUSBURST series)
  • Marusho (F-Zero GX and Yakuza series)
  • Yuu Miyake (Katamari Damacy series)
  • Akira Ueda (Super Mario RPG game designer)

Yes, even the famed game designer Akira Ueda is getting in on the fun and making his musical debut. He notes, “I am actually a game designer, so composing game music is sort of like a hobby to me.” He continued, “I was in charge of the sound effects for Final Fantasy IV and background art and map design for Seiken Densetsu 2 and Super Mario RPG, but when I think of my favorite games, I reminisce each game with its music together. My musical skills are limited but I had pleasure creating for this album!”

The album–which has been out since December 2014– is a mix of several musical styles including rock, electronic, ambient, jazz, and more. It will be interesting to see where this new relationship goes as Pescoran and the contributing composers create similar projects in the future. With that being said, if you like what you heard, I would keep an eye on the Imported Bandcamp page if I were you.

HT: Featured image via Deviant Art artist: FinoRaptor

What did you think of the tracks? Let us know in the comments below.


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