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Mariachi Band Plays ZELDA’s Gerudo Valley Tune

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one of the soundtracks of my youth and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. In fact, when the Gerudo Valley tune started playing at this guy’s wedding reception, he was nothing short of awe-struck and thrilled that his new wife surprised him with such a gift.

Posted by YouTuber Christian Martinez, the description simply states, “My friend, a huge fan of Legend of Zelda, got married this weekend. His wife had a little surprise for him.”

Take a listen of the awesome Mariachi rendition in the video below.

You know you’ve landed a winner when your significant other surprises you with the music of your people (gamers, that is). Have you or your SO showcased a similar sonata? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Rhydon says:

    My brother and I are in a band and we played a friend’s wedding reception. We made sure to learn and play the Firefly Theme for them. The bride cried happily. 

  2. Marissa E. Tallant says:

    My husband Chris and I are big Dr. Who fans. All of the guys sported David Tennant’s signature Tux and black & white Chuck’s! We even convinced my dad (himself a Brit but not a DW fan) to don the Chuck’s & tux ensemble. When we made our entrance at the reception hall, the Dr. Who theme (from 2007) was our entrance music as they announced us! I loved it, such an epic entrance, such an awesome day! Check out our wedding pics on my FB page!

  3. Kelly says:

    My husband and I got married four years ago and I decided to arrange FFIV’s Theme of Love for my church’s handbell group to play at our outdoor wedding. They played it while we lit the Unity Candle, it was perfect! I also arranged All You Need Is Love for the recessional as well, it was a lot of fun and we got it all recorded, too. It’s a neat keepsake 🙂

  4. Ricky says:

    That’s pretty slick. At our wedding, we had some friends compose Kakariko Village Theme, Tifa’s Song, Dire Dire Docks, and Hyrule Market Theme on piano. It was awesome…but we should have grabbed a mariachi band too!

  5. Nyleve says:

    OMG! This is so great. True nerd love!

  6. aCameraBrujo says:

    That was freakin killer!