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It’s Your First Official Look at Ben Affleck as Batman!

After yesterday’s titillating look at the rear of the Batmobile from Zack Snyder’s still-untitled upcoming Man of Steel sequel, the director has tweeted a better look at the film’s car, partially obscured by just one thing — Batman himself. Yes, the sneaky Snyder has surprised us by offering not just the first official reveal of the machine, but the man behind it — Ben Affleck in costume as the Caped Crusader.

At first glance, Batfleck looks like he may be the most muscle-bound big screen Batman of all, which makes sense since he’ll presumably be pitted against Superman at first, before the two of them decide to team up and go after the film’s real threat. Comic fans will undoubtedly point out, however, that the latest Batman strongly recalls the title character in Frank Miller’s classic graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, with his over-sized Bat emblem emblazoned across his chest and shorter (dare I say stubbier?) ears on his cowl.

Of course a Dark Knight Returns-inspired suit is entirely appropriate for this film, seeing as Miller’s story featured perhaps the most iconic duel between Batman and Superman, as well as an older Bruce Wayne (which Affleck is expected to play) who is coaxed out of retirement to save Gotham City one last time… I was as skeptical as the next fanboy when I heard of the former Daredevil’s casting, but now? Color me excited. At the very least, Gotham’s new savior looks great. And two things are certain: 1.) Jesse Eisenberg now seems an even less physically threatening Lex Luthor, and 2.) If Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman has her eye on Superman, as the character has in current DC Comics continuity, she may want to turn her attention to his hunky buddy.

What do you think of the new Batsuit? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. So I guess we are back to rubber muscle suits and goofy toy cars.  Apparently Hollywood has the memory of a goldfish.

  2. I’m getting more and more excited to see this movie. It’ll be interesting seeing how Ben Affleck plays Bruce Wayne / Batman. The Batmobile looks dusty so I can totally buy into the “coming out of retirement” story. 

  3. Jon Rogers says:

    I’m getting more and more excited to see this movie. It’ll be interesting to see how Affleck plays Bruce Wayne and Batman. 

  4. James Smith says:

    Love it, can’t wait to see more.  

  5. it doesn’t matter what the suit looks like. the wrong man is in it. ‘man of steel’ sucked. this movie is going to suck.

  6. Brian says:

    Is this like the third or fourth reboot of batman? Should I care? And if not, then why should I go? 

  7. fartbooty says:


  8. fern says:

    mas puto

  9. Manny Mendez says:


  10. XvShadow says:

    Hey, look, it’s Catman.

  11. Film Cutting says:

    Shot on set with Snyder’s Leica M Monochrom camera, the image of sad Batman looks glorious except for the ears, but it looks nigh perfect and right off the comic into reality.

  12. Undead Zed says:

    Just took this into Photoshop and lightened it up. The suit has a … scaly … texture that reminds me of Crok. I don’t know what to say about that. DAMMIT! I want to LIKE this move DESPITE Batfleck.

  13. Flippy says:

    Let’s just hope that Gal Gadot is also gaining some weight. Then we have three heroes thats actually look like they’re supposed to be. If not she may become the first anorexic superhero incarnation.

  14. The bat on his chest looks like a map of the U.S.

  15. Captain Mcgloo says:

    Also who told every Batman film director since 89 that Batman lives in a world without color?

  16. Captain Mcgloo says:

    I just hope Superman doesn’t need Batman to move his head slightly to the left.

    Usually I don’t like the batsuit when Batman can’t turn his head but I guess that’s the best defense if you’re going to fight new movie Superman.

  17. Andrew Reyes says:

    Looks like someone photoshopped ben affleck’s chin on a shot from Arkham Asylum. 

  18. Reen Roberts says:

    Henry Cavill…Ben Affleck……spandex……mmmmmm…spandex…{drool}. God dammit I drooled on my blouse at work. Thanks!

  19. BP says:

    The concept looks cool. But the reveal is meh. Feels like a photo shoot. No real drama.

  20. Eddie Villa says:

    I love this! I can’t stop staring at what looks like a face just to the left of him. What is that?

  21. PaladinPool619 says:

    I like this very much. I am beginning to feel optimistic about this movie and am hoping it will be better than the overrated Nolan/Bale take on the Batty guy. 

  22. Chris says:

    As a huge fan of Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns”, color me excited!  I never doubted Mr. Affleck, only Snyder’s return.  Hopefully he’ll find his footing in this one because there’s a lot of potential.

  23. I feel like Ben Affleck needs another mask for his chin…

  24. Ben returns as….Daredevil

  25. GOBLEDGOOK says:


  26. Cowl = Batman: Noel

    Suit = New 52

    Belt = Earth One Batman (2012)

    Chest Symbol = a bit like Dark Knight Returns (Probably made to match up with the Superman logo to make “World’s Finest” logo)
    Now lets see it in color.

  27. Andy says:

    He looks friggin’ fantastic! Love the suit, and he’s the biggest live action Batman we’ve ever seen.

  28. Aaron Tassey says:

    Looks like a jokers face behind batfleck