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Hunting Down Jedi Scum in STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT

While everyone’s been lost to the Commonwealth of Fallout 4, others have been pew-pewin’ their days away on one of the other hotly anticipated titles of the year, Star Wars Battlefront. EA’s latest foray with the Star Wars IP has had its fair share of ups and downs in the public eye—from being praised for its amazing visuals to being scrutinized for its anti-consumer season pass agenda. But with the game out in the wild for a week, the time has come to measure it via the scale on which all games should be measured: the gameplay scale.

This week on Nerdist Play, we’ll be venturing into a warzone far, far away to do just that, diving into several Star Wars Battlefront matches to get a feel for the game, all while taking down some Jedi scum. For the Empire! Embracing the dark side of the Force has never looked quite this good, but does it feel good too? Check out today’s episode to find out!

Have you taken to the starry skies and iced trenches of Star Wars Battlefront yet? If so, what is your preferred combat situation (ground, aerial, AT-ST)? Blast your thoughts down into the comments below.

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