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Galactic Food at STAR WARS Season of the Force

Fans who can’t wait for the new Star Wars Land at Disneyland are in for a delicious treat – Star Wars Season of the Force has arrived in Tomorrowland along with an abundance of themed galactic goodies!

Season of the Force brings new experiences into Disneyland to celebrate all things Star Wars. New attractions and merchandise are just part of the plan, Star Wars inspired food and beverages will be available throughout the Land.

Disneyland’s Tomorrowland Terrace has been transformed into the Galactic Grill and features a dark side and a light side menu. Should you choose the path of the Jedi, your options include the Jedi Order Grilled Chicken Sandwich. The Five-Spice chicken breast is topped with a unique combination of fried green beans, pickled red onion, watercress and wasabi mayo. Also available is the Cheese-3PO Burger and for Star Wars Rebels fans, the Chopper Salad. You’d think that’d just be a bowl of angry nuts and bolts.

Star Wars First Order Burger-11132015
image: Disney Parks Blog

The piece de resistance of the menu is the First Order Specialty Burger. Long has Japan taunted us with their disturbingly black-colored burger buns until they made their way to America this Halloween. Now you can try Disneyland’s version. The patty is made of beef and chorizo and topped with fried cherry peppers and a spicy lime-aioli. I love the fact that the specialty sandwiches are wrapped in special Star Wars paper to reflect both the dark and light sides of the menu.

Kids meals get a few name changes with Force Power Packs, Han Burgers, and AT-ST Chicken Walker Nuggets. Now, if these actually looked like an upright AT-ST, I’d be very impressed. Very. But I’m not holding my breath. The one kid’s menu item that got a visual change was the turkey sandwich. Previously on an odd piece of fish-shaped bread, now the sandwich is served on bright, bantha blue milk bread.

Vegetarians will not be left out as a portobello and veggie sandwich called Wicket’s Wicked Veggie Sandwich is also available. And don’t forget about breakfast, Galactic Grill is offering up the Darth Tamale, a blue corn tamale with scrambled eggs and chorizo, red chili sauce, and tomatillo.

Star Wars Special Light Side Drink-11132015

Where Galactic Grill really shines are the drinks and desserts. The Dark Side and Light Side drinks both come with a light up Death Star or Millennium Falcon souvenirs depending on the path you choose. Both drinks are lemonade-based but The Light Side has a little twist, as it’s studded with floating “yogurt meteors” which taste a lot like popping Boba to me.

Desserts include a Darth By Chocolate Parfait of layered red velvet cake and chocolate ganache and an adorable BB-8 Rice Krispy treat, sprinkled with M&Ms and dipped in white chocolate. But truly the best dessert on the menu is The Pastry Menace. A foreboding eclair filled with milk chocolate cream and a hint of cayenne, crafted to look just like Darth Maul himself. Deliciously evil.

Over at Pizza Port, new items include Forest of Endor pasta, Fields of Naboo salad and Dark Side Chicken Curry. Is anyone else noticing the spice theme going on here?

Star Wars BB8 Sipper-11132015

Finally, snacks. Disneyland never disappoints when it comes to themed snacks and all you have to do is take one look at the new Chewbacca stein to see that they aren’t playing around with the souvenirs. So much so that the wookiee head as well as a few other items have a limit purchase of 5 per guest.

Sure to be a big hit are the sweet BB-8 sippers and the new black TIE fighter popcorn bucket. This thing isn’t playing around, it’s large enough to act like a purse and has a nicely detailed strap for popcorn on the go.

Purple Millennium Falcon drink cups and light up X-wings will also be available at carts throughout Tomorrowland. One last food souvenir for the road, Darth Vader buckets with removable helmets, filled with cotton candy. How else would you eat sweet fairy floss, but out of the head of Lord Vader?

Star Wars TIE fighter popcorn bucket-11132015

If these themed-food options are any indication, Star Wars Land is going to be spectacular. All these crave-worthy Star Wars-themed treats will be available in Tomorrowland when Star Wars Season of the Force opens at the Disneyland Resort on November 16.

Check out all the food pics in the gallery and let us know in the comments which of these treats are your favorite. Be sure to share your Disneyland Star Wars eats with us by tagging @nerdist and @justjennrecipes on instagram.

images: Jenn Fujikawa


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