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Avengers Desserts Assemble at Disneyland

The Disney/Marvel merge means only good things for fans of both franchises, and it means even better things for food fans. Disney always creates fun themed foods for the parks and to celebrate the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Disneyland put together an Avengers dessert menu.

Available at Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port in Tomorrowland, the menu consists of three dessert items, plus an Iron Man drink container and an exclusive comic print. Black Widow fans will be pleased to see the character represented by her very own dessert (or will they?). I headed to the Disneyland to try all of these special items so you won’t have to — I’m selfless like that.

Iron Man waffle

Mark V Waffle Cake $6.99
Presentation: First up, the Iron Man waffle. Photos don’t do this justice, the waffle is really amazing in person, absolutely beautiful. Did I just call a waffle beautiful? I did, and it’s because it looks pretty realistic due to an incredible amount of edible gold glitter. It’s gorgeous but it did make me wonder about the amount of edible glitter I should be ingesting. Ask a doctor.

Taste: Once you cut into the waffle the red color was even more vibrant. It was just as it was billed, a perfect blend of red velvet cake and waffle batter. Light, cakey, and frankly I couldn’t stop eating it. The waffle sits on a generous bed of cream cheese frosting that was flavorful and not at all overly sweet.

Verdict: I would definitely eat this again. It was gorgeous and had delicious flavor to back it up. Jarvis, I need more waffle.

Black Widow parfait

Black Widow Chocolate Parfait $5.99
Presentation: I was really excited for this dessert because I was happy to see Black Widow represented. Plus, who doesn’t love chocolate? It comes in a clear plastic cup so you can see all the layers of chocolately goodness. It also has a nice Widow symbol made of white chocolate to top it off.

It’s described as “chocolate cake layered with white chocolate and dark chocolate mousse, strawberry filling, topped with dark chocolate crunchy ‘eggs.’” Um, did they insinuate that we’d be eating Black Widow spider eggs? I’m put off even if they’re fake and make of chocolate; that’s not an appetizing description.

Taste: There’s a lot of layers in this cup so you have to dig deep to get them all and I have to say, what a disappointment. This was a sugar bomb that was hard to choke down and I say that as someone who eats donuts on the regular. The parfait was way too sweet as a whole, so I tried to eat a bite of each layer individually. Bad idea, it was even worse. The chocolate mousse on top wasn’t bad but the strawberry filling and chocolate cake were way too heavy. All put together it was… not good.

Verdict: I couldn’t even get through three bites, it was waaay too much failure in one cup. Poor Black Widow gets the shaft again.

Cap cookie

Captain America Shield Cookie $3.79
Presentation: This cookie showcases a perfect reproduction of Cap’s shield, achieved through edible ink on edible paper. Yes, you’re eating edible paper. Don’t worry, you’ll digest it fine.

Taste: This is a pretty standard cookie, but it should be noted in case of food allergies that it has almond flavoring. It doesn’t state that anywhere unless you take the time to read through the fine print of ingredients. The almond adds a nice flavor and pairs well with a layer of white chocolate which is used to adhere the edible Shield onto the cookie. The edible paper can well, taste like paper, but it’s easily peeled off should you decide that you’ve hit your paper consumption quota for the day.

Verdict: This cookie was just ok. It tasted good but the price point is pretty high for something that’s rather small.

There you have it, Avengers desserts are available for a limited time at Disneyland. Skip the cookie, avoid the parfait, and go back for the waffle as often as you can while it lasts!

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