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A HARRY POTTER Rap and More Moments Celebrating 20 Years

20 years ago J.K. Rowling unleashed the stories of Harry Potter and the wizarding world upon us with the release of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and life has never been the same. To this day, fans proudly don their Hogwarts colors and argue the finer points of their school houses. (If you spoke parseltongue, I’d tell you that Slytherin was the best.)

Over the past two decades, the tales of Harry Potter have moved beyond books to movies, theme parks, and into our everyday lives. Where we once only dreamed of how a cold butterbeer might taste, now it’s readily available in the Muggle world.

To celebrate the anniversary, proud Potterheads are sharing their love of the wizarding world online with artistic tributes, cosplay, and more. Some of the best displays of Harry Potter fandom are the creations that show a deep love and respect of the stories and characters.

Harry Potter music tribute

Artists draw so much inspiration from Rowling’s work that we constantly get to see new and innovative interpretations. Singer Yung Mavu created this magnificent magical rap, snf not only is his lyrical flow impressive, but the art direction and his outfit are on point as well. I kept waiting for a Dementor to glide down that train tunnel at any moment.

The Golden Trio

Many of us find inspiration in the friendship of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. This beautiful work by Jeff Delgado captures a light moment of joy during the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Doug the Pug

Doug the Pug makes animals and human alike want to step up their game when it comes to showing off fandom. No one can rock a wig like that pup. In this short 15 second video you can see him living his best Gryffindor life.

Harry Potter Sugar Art

Lunchboxdad Beau Coffron always goes above and beyond for his kid’s meals and this fun sugar sprinkle art captures Harry Potter’s sweetest expression.

Newborn Harry Potter Fan

This photo brought a tear to my eye. Little Joshua was born prematurely 27 weeks, weighing just 2 lbs—he truly is the boy who lived. His mom is starting his life off right with some Harry Potter story time.

Golden Snitch Fidget Spinner

Cocooan budak… , golden snitch spinner #harrypotter

A post shared by Iyang Saledri (@geerrhart) on

Seems you can’t walk down the street without seeing a fidget spinner out in the wild, but this rare spinner is the only one worth one-hundred and fifty points in Quidditch. Harry Potter aficionados know that the original Golden Snitch was a bird called the Golden Snidget, making this fan creation the perfect combination of Snitch and fidget!

Hogwarts Tattoo

This detailed ink features Hogwarts, school textbooks, and a Golden Snitch, but more than anything it shows that using your body as a canvas displays a commitment to the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Womping Willow cosplay

There’s cosplay, then there’s next level cosplay. Deep cuts are always a plus, but committing to a specific storyline? That’s just genius. This Womping Willow costume is a sight to behold and it looks comfortable too, making it ideal for con cosplay.

Dobby Art

20 anos de Harry Potter!! Minha Xilo favorita #harrypotter #harrypotter20 #woodcut #designer #xilogravura #draw #art

A post shared by Hanna Miranda (@hanna.miranda1) on

Lovingly hand-carved, this beautiful piece was created for making wood block prints. Someone needs to get to carving this poor house-elf a sock.

Vegan Sorting Hat Cupcakes

Vegans at Hogwarts would surely love these sweet Sorting Hat cupcakes. While they look stunning, they also do double duty by actually sorting you into your proper house! Take a quick bite and you’ll find a surprise center that will inform you of which honored house you belong. Crossing my fingers for Slytherin!

Featured Image: Warner Bros.
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