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5 Must-Eats for Muggles at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

On April 7, masses of Muggles will descend upon Universal City in the valley of San Fernando to take in the majestic beauty of the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood. Finally, fans will be able to experience strolling down the streets of Hogsmeade for themselves.

Upon arrival, No-Majs (as we’re apparently called here in America) will be enchanted by the sights, sounds and, most important, the snacks of this new wizarding paradise. With Rita Skeeter off on assignment, I took up the task of sampling the refreshments and put together a list of the most magnificent must-try treats. Grab your floo powder and be sure to speak clearly, it’s going to be a delightfully delicious ride.

Harry Potter Peppermint Toads-03022016
Peppermint Toads
Chocolate Frogs may be the most memorable Harry Potter delicacy, but my treat of choice are the Peppermint Toads. Sold in a 4-ounce box, the tiny frogs are easy to snack on while waving your wand, and offer a cool minty flavor that keeps you coming back for more. Perfect for celebrating a Gryffindor victory.

Daily Prophet tip: If you’re short on Muggle currency, a Gringott’s ATM is located just outside around the corner.

harry potter Frozen Butterbeer-03022016
Frozen Butterbeer
Ah Butterbeer, the favored frosty libation of wizards everywhere. While the regular drink can prove to be a bit of a sugary overload, Frozen Butterbeer is the ideal combination of beverage and dessert all in one. It will be especially refreshing during the upcoming 90+ degree days that are most assuredly set to stifle in the summertime.

Daily Prophet tip: Butterbeer is sold from carts throughout Hogsmeade and lines are sure to be long. Instead, take a respite inside of Hog’s Head Pub and have the bartender pour you a frosty mug, fresh from the tap with minimal wait.

harry potter bangers and mash2-03022016
Bangers and Mash
Muggles can get awfully peckish from taking photos of their own faces, so to change it up they can head to Three Broomsticks and take photos of their food! The eatery serves up authentic pub fare with tempting menu items like crispy fish and chips and Shepherd’s Pie, but it’s the Bangers and Mash that steals the show. Sausages with a perfect snap and a mash topped with gravy and onions are divine, but the champ of the meal are the spectacular minted peas that bring the whole dish together.

Daily Prophet tip: Three Broomsticks is the only place you can get Butterbeer Potted Cream for dessert but don’t take the jar with you or you will be chased down by Dementors, I mean the restaurant staff.

harry potter gilly water-03022016
Gilly Water
Granted, these are just ordinary bottles of water with a Gilly Water label but given Muggles proclivity for carrying around vessels of liquids with them wherever they wander, at least this decanter makes for a good souvenir. Just make sure yours isn’t spiked with Love Potion.

Daily Prophet tip: Muggles who hold CA Resident Plus and Gold Annual Passes receive 10% off select in-park food, beverage, merchandise.

Harry Potter Honeydukes-03022016
Acid Pops
Tucked away in a back corner of Honeydukes, it might be easy to miss these puckery pops but fans of the books will spot them straight away. Glowing green and covered in sour sanding sugar, these mouth-watering treats are the perfect takeaway after a long day at Hogsmeade. Don’t worry; these acidic sweets are Muggle-friendly and won’t burn a hole in your tongue. I think.

Daily Prophet tip: Should you need to wash off ancillary acid powder, the restroom is right outside Honeydukes. Listen closely and you can hear Moaning Myrtle, who’s probably eaten too many Puking Pastilles.

What snack are you looking forward to trying at Wizarding World of Harry Potter? Let us know in the comments and follow @justjennrecipes on instagram for more Wizarding World West photos.

IMAGES: Jenn Fujikawa

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