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Home Geekonomics: Harry Potter Gear

Home Geekonomics is a series that features the best in geeky home decor, food and DIY. Each week will focus on a specific fandom and highlight the best of geek for your home and everyday life.

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This week the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens in Hollywood and neiteher muggles nor wizards can contain their excitement. Crowds are sure to be at an all time high, but the fun and excitement of a living, breathing Hogsmeade will be worth it.

To prepare for your excursion you’ll need to be prepared. Proper hydration and gear is a must, so we put together a list of things you’ll need for your journey, all appropriately themed for a day in the world of Harry Potter.

Quidditch tote-04042016
Quidditch Messenger Bag by LucyGooseCo
I’m a sucker for a good carry all. When I go to theme parks I need enough room for my essentials but definitely enough room for souvenirs. This messenger bag is easily slung cross body and proudly allows you to show off your house team.

Veritaserum Potion flask by Chuti
Definitely not advocating drinking at Hogsmeade but this flask isn’t filled with alcohol—just as the label says you can fill it with Veritaserum Potion! A few drops of this and you’ll find out whether or not your friend really is brave enough to ride the Forbidden Journey.

maurauders map umbrella-04042016
Marauder’s Map umbrella by Hot Topic
While rain is scarce in the hills of Hollywood, a proper Hogwarts student should always be prepared for the unexpected. That’s why this ingenious foldable Marauder’s Map umbrella is perfect for the wizard on the go.

golden snitch candies-04042016
DIY Golden Snitch Chocolates by Cooking Classy
When you’re waiting in line to fly on a Hippogriff and you feel peckish, you won’t want to leave the queue to go to the Three Broomsticks. That is the prime time to open your bag and share snacks with your fellow wizards. These sweet Golden Snitches are simply Ferrara Rocher chocolates with wings attached. A super easy way to calm the hunger and feed your fandom.

moving photos-04042016
DIY Magical moving photos by photojojo
This tutorial shows you how to create moving photos just like the ones that hang on the walls of Hogwarts. Knowing how this works beforehand will give you an advantage to taking videos when you’re in Hogsmeade, so that you have the raw footage you need to edit and frame them once you’re back in your muggle home.

IMAGES: LucyGooseCo, Chuti, Hot Topic, Cooking Classy, photojojo

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