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These HARRY POTTER Cakes Are Magical Works Of Art

Who doesn’t love cake? It’s the quintessential celebratory dessert. Add in a dash of fandom and you have the ultimate in nerdy deliciousness. By the looks of the elaborate designs from the Night Kitchen Bakery in Pennsylvania, they seem to have the combination nailed. Their tiered cakes are masterpieces of architecture that feature fandoms such as Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and more. But their talents really shine in their Harry Potter themed cakes. The sophisticated sculpting and design work captures the wizardry of the characters and stories. Check out a few of our favorite cakes from this magical bakery:

Dobby Cake

As if a stack of edible Hogwarts class books wasn’t enough, this exquisite cake is enhanced by a miniature house-elf. Dobby sits on the edge of a tier, holding another Harry Potter oeuvre—the lopsided cake that Hagrid baked for Harry’s birthday.

Golden Snitch Cake

If you’re going to catch the Golden Snitch in your mouth, it might as well be tasty. This edible Snitch is hand sculpted and sits atop a scarlet and gold cake. Ten points to Gryffindor!

Elaborate Harry Potter Cake

The baker must have dabbled in the Dark Arts to create such a masterpiece. Potions, Wizard’s Chess pieces, winged keys–the details on this cake go above and beyond.

Harry Potter Book Cake

Made as an entry for a Harry Potter Cake Show, this dessert actually seems to be levitating. The book pages, candles, and wand are all made of sugar. This beauty of this cake is more potent than the Stunning Spell.

Sorting Hat Cake

Not only does this charming cake have a dazzling mirror glaze, but it’s topped with a hand-sculpted Sorting Hat for good measure. If you don’t get the house you desire, just eat him.

Harry Potter Baby Shower Cake

I can’t imagine a better cake to bring a new wizard into this world than a sweet Harry Potter baby shower cake. Topped with a loyal Hedwig and rounded out with Hogwarts letters and Quidditch hoops, this baby is set for his future as the Chosen One.

For a look at more magical treats, check out the Night Kitchen Bakery on Instagram.

Accio cake! Which Harry Potter themed treat would you choose? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Night Kitchen Bakery

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