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Amazing Harry Potter Oreo Art

In a world where three-headed dogs exist and chocolate frogs come to life, everything is magical, so it stands to reason that even cookies can be affected by the whimsy of Harry Potter. These average Oreo cookies are given an artistic makeover as they are transformed into some familiar wizards we know and love.

Swirling, turning and twisting, watch as the the sugary insides of an Oreo are colored to create portraits of Harry, Hermione, Ron and Severus Snape. The attention to detail is mesmerizing as the ordinary cookie is made into the characters from the book. One only hopes that Ron’s signature red hair is in fact ginger-flavored.

harry potter snape oreo-04072016

The magical cookies are the work of food artist Tisha Cherry, who creates amazing edible eats on her Instagram using art, fashion and pop culture to influence her creations. Cherry’s Oreo art is a thing of beauty. By taking the creamy center of the cookie, she easily manipulates the filling into realistic pieces of art.

harry potter oreo art-04072016

Cherry’s brand Art in the Eats, showcases her talent for taking ordinary, everyday snacks and making them into recognizable pop culture references that make you want to revel in their humor yet still gobble them up. The Harry Potter cookies are a cheeky nod to the obsessiveness of the fandom and its immersive tales. I’d use the invisibility cloak to snag a few of these for a midnight snack.

Check out more of Tisha Cherry’s food art on her Instagram.

Could you bring yourself to eat up these cookie Hogwarts students? Let us know in the comments!

IMAGES/VIDEO: Tisha Cherry, Elite Daily

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