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DOCTOR WHO Streaming on Amazon Prime Beginning in March

Welp, it wasn’t the longest of national nightmares, but now it appears it is over. Last week, I wrote about how and where you could watch Doctor Who following its abrupt pulling from streaming services on February 1 of this year. But it wasn’t to last, it seems; Amazon announced today via their Twitter that Series 1-8 of the show will be back on their Prime streaming service beginning in March.

Aside from them not using the proper hashtag (come on, guys, it’s #DoctorWho and you know it!), it’s a very welcome relief to fans who only watched the series’ past episodes via streaming. The downside is, of course, that if you were one of the folks who watched on Netflix and/or Hulu and never had an Amazon Prime account, you’ll have to pony up their yearly subscription fee to partake. Although you also get free two-day shipping on stuff, so that’s a pretty good bonus.

It was speculated for awhile that the BBC had pulled the series in order to hoard it for a proposed international iPlayer, but with a whole year until any new episodes, and a launching of that proprietary service nowhere near the foreseeable future, it makes sense for them to make a deal quickly to make their biggest international hit back on American interwebs. While we still don’t have an easy way to stream any of the classic series, fans can rest assured knowing that their favorite Time Lord traveler’s newer adventures will be at their fingertips again soon.

No exact date was given for the drop, other than March, but that’s only a couple of weeks away so it could be as early as the first. Or should we beware the Ides?

Are you happy Doctor Who is coming back so soon? What did you do this whole month without it? Let us know in the comments below!

HT: Decider
Image: BBC

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