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FINDING DORY’s First Trailer Is Filled with New and Old Characters and Dangers

“Migration is about going home, which is where you’re from.”
“How do the stingrays all know where to go?”
“Instinct—something deep inside you that feels so familiar that you have to listen to it.”

That instinct is what drives our favorite forgetful blue tang fish to go in search of her parents and where she comes from in Pixar’s long awaited Finding Nemo sequel, Finding Dory.

From the very first teaser, we’ve known the movie was going to be about Dory’s quest to find her family. This new trailer, courtesy of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, is the first real look we’ve been given at what kind of obstacles and fellow denizens of the sea she will encounter on her journey.

What stands out here is how much of this trailer involves Dory on her own, without Marlin and Nemo. So not only will she be trying to “find” herself, it looks like they’ll be trying to find her. Also, just like Nemo did in the original film, Dory looks like she’ll get captured by humans (and apparently in danger of the wrath of an overzealous child).

We also get a clue about how Dory learned to speak whale, as we see her run into an old friend (who of course she doesn’t remember) who might play a important roll in getting her back to her parents.

As for returning characters, it’s nice to know that the coolest turtles in the ocean will once again be taking Marlin for a ride.

We’ll all get to answer the question “Have you seen her?” when the film opens this summer on June 17.

What is your biggest takeaway from this new trailer? Just keep swimming until you get into our comments below and tell us your thoughts.

Image: Pixar

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