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It Isn’t Hard FINDING DORY in These Beautiful New Posters

The Finding Dory movie has one question for all of us: “Have you seen her?” Well, if the sequel to Finding Nemo is going to make our favorite blue tang fish as easy to locate as she is in these new posters for the film, we probably won’t have to look all that hard to find her.

Disney Pixar released four beautiful posters for the long-awaited and much anticipated Finding Nemo sequel, and you can see all of them in our gallery below. In each of them, Dory, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, may or may not be lost, but she doesn’t look worried either way. (Or she may just forget that she is lost so it doesn’t matter. I mean, it is Dory after all.)

The follow-up to the 2003 hit Pixar film is set only six months after Finding Nemo ended. In the movie Dory will go searching for her parents, and she’ll be joined once again by Merlin and Nemo, as well as some other characters from the original film.

If you haven’t already seen the teaser trailer for the movie, take note of how little time it takes for you to get emotional.

I take about three seconds, and that’s just from the music alone.

We’ll all be getting back into the ocean in hopes of Finding Dory this summer when the movie opens on June 17th.

What are you most looking forward to with this sequel? Just keep sharing, just keep sharing, just keep sharing your thoughts with us in the comments below.


Images: Disney Pixar


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