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Everything You Need to Know About the JUSTICE LEAGUE Comic-Con Trailer

It may be the Monday after Comic-Con, but our time in San Diego will live forever since we can’t stop breaking down these new trailers that emerged from Saturday’s Warner Bros. Hall H panel. The powers that WB (get it?) have made it clear the Justice League trailer was less of a traditional trailer and more of a “special footage presentation,” but it’s enough to get us pretty psyched about seeing DC Comics’ seminal superteam on the big screen. And, of course, we’re going to be breaking it down in incredibly nerdy detail.

In the footage, a bearded Bruce Wayne hunts down Aquaman in some faraway fishing town. While his beard tells us Batfleck has been taking a little time off from the cowl–maybe to hunt down Aquaman on the first stop of his Justice League recruitment tour–his scene leads us into the motherlode: a Mother Box getting buried in the ground. Plus, there is what is possibly a flashback to medieval times by the looks of these Viking helmets, which leads us to ask if Steppenwolf might just be a god to them!

Finally, my queen and feminist hero appears like a glorious phoenix from the trailer: Wonder Woman herself, carrying her glowing shield seen in Batman v Superman, rather than the one from the Wonder Woman trailer. Perhaps the glowing reveals some mystical energy, which would explain the need for an upgrade from the World War I shield.

Next up, we get a peek at Ray Fisher‘s Victor Stone, a.k.a. Cyborg, and he looks damn good in that Gotham City University Letterman jacket. This GCU student rocks number 7, a nod to Cyborg joining as the seventh member of the Justice League. Stone looks pretty, well, stone-faced. (Sorry, I had to.) This should make for a great pairing with the hilarious Barry Allen, which brings us to the coolest location in the whole trailer: The Flash Cave! Okay, so it’s not technically a cave, but holy Batcave vibes! All the technology, the perfectly placed Twinkies, the copy of the Windows 98 Instruction Manual — this must’ve taken forever to put together. Or perhaps only like a few milliseconds for the fastest man alive.

We see a 3D-printed Flash suit on one of Allen’s many desks, as well as on a few screens in the background. And speaking of screens, we also see what might be a Suicide Squad reference on the far left, as well as a bicycle, because everybody has to fit in! And a couple shots of Rick and Morty in the background to really hammer home that, y’know, he’s a fun guy with great taste in sci-fi.

Moving on, we see Aquaman’s crystal light-gray eyes. Impressively enough, there’s actually a scientific explanation for this! This Atlantean wouldn’t need the melanin that leads to darker eye colors to protect his eyes from the sun, which could be how they evolved to be so light, like a fish! Pretty, pretty, pretty clever guys.

So overall, this movie looks pretty fun! Let’s just hope some of this levity makes its way into the final film. But what do you guys think? Did you dig the new trailer? Does it seem like Zack Snyder is finally turning things around? Anything cool we missed? Let’s discuss!

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