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The Justice League footage out of Comic-Con shows Batman recruiting the team, which means a lot of scenes where Ben Affleck rocks a $5,000 suit and rolls in uninvited to the fishing villages and mancaves of metahumans whom he needs to join the fight. As it turns out, super-powered people live just like us. Sharp-eyed Redditor HT42LP caught something familiar hiding in the background of the scene when Bruce Wayne introduces himself to The Flash after waiting creepily for the guy to get home: an episode of Rick and Morty.

The scene begins around the 1:17 mark. Bruce throws a Batarang at Barry Allen’s head, time slows to an aching crawl, lighting crashes inside the room as Barry grabs the projectile out of thick air, Bruce says, “So you’re fast,” with frozen intensity, and ‘roided-out Rick and Summer beat the absolute crap out of the Devil to a DMX song on a TV in the background.

The specific episode shown is “Something Ricked This Way Comes” from the first season, where Summer goes to work for the Devil in an homage to Stephen King’s Needful Things. Naturally, the story eventually demands a training montage with performance-enhancing butt injections and the public beatdown of Satan. Can the third season get here soon? Please?

It makes sense that the new Justice League incarnation of The Flash (played by Ezra Miller) would be a big fan of Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon’s show. He’s hip, he’s geeky, he appreciates intelligent absurdist pop culture parody.

Of course, the other possibility is that Batman is the true Rick and Morty fan. He got bored waiting for The Flash to get home and surfed the channels for his favorite cartoon. Maybe he wonders where Rick gets those wonderful toys…

Featured Image: Warner Bros.

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