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Everything You Missed in the New GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Trailer

Marvel just dropped a brand new trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and while Star-Lord‘s playlist seems to be stuck on repeat everything else we see from the movie is brand, spanking new. New space battles! New space banter! A brand new jacket for Baby Groot! But even with all the new stuff jam packed into the, relatively brief, minute and twenty six seconds, we’re still jonesing for more Guardian’s goodies. And we’re willing to bet that you’re hooked on the exact same feeling. Luckily the trailer is jam packed with hidden details that you probably glanced over upon first viewing.

For starters, you probably didn’t notice the monster hiding in plain sight. When Gamora leaps into battle at the twenty-five second mark we see her running up a ramp. But look closely and you’ll notice that ramp is actually wriggling. It’s a tentacle! A tentacle that belongs to the Abilisk, a monster teased in this piece of concept art published in the April issue of Empire Magazine.

You probably also missed Yondu’s Yaka arrow zipping through a few shots. It appears at both the twenty nine second mark, as Rocket and Yondu stroll past a group of floating guards, and again at the very end, as Rocket blasts through a stone wall. This seems to suggest that Yondu and Rocket have teamed up for their own, separate mission. What are they up to exactly? It’s hard to say right now, but based on the shot of Nebula getting a bag removed from her head we’re guessing they may be breaking her out of prison. It all makes sense, given that we know Nebula will become and official member of the Guardians in Volume 2.

Finally we think we may have also be getting our glimpse of the movie’s biggest new character; Ego the living planet. We’re guessing the forrest we see Star Lord and crew walking through in the trailer is actually a small section of Ego, which they appear to crash land on.

Did you notice anything we missed in the Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 trailer? Let us know in the comments!

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