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You Can Win DEADPOOL’s Pink Suit in OMAZE’s New Charity Campaign

Earlier this week, the first Deadpool movie aired on FX as part of the build-up to Deadpool 2. During the broadcast, the world got its first look at a new Deadpool video featuring Ryan Reynolds in character with one minor change: an all-pink costume. One that, as it turns out, can be yours.

Beyond any mortal foe is cancer Wade Wilson’s ultimate nemesis, and Deadpool is now appropriately the center of a new OMAZE campaign to fight the disease. As explained in the NSFW clip below, Deadpool explains that by donating to OMAZE, fans will have the chance to win Deadpool’s custom pink suit.

In return for as little as $10, donors will be entered into a contest to win the pink Deadpool costume. The video jokingly suggests the costume could be added to the winner’s weekly wardrobe, an addition to a S&M dungeon, or even a scarecrow used to to scare off “birds, children, and the elderly.”

Even if you’re not in the market for a pink Deadpool costume, it’s worth considering making a donation to OMAZE in its ongoing efforts to benefit cancer patients, the families thereof, and research of the disease. As the organization’s website says of its latest campaign:

“LetsFCancer believes that people diagnosed with cancer, as well as their families and support network, should have equitable access to early detection, prevention and psychosocial support. This incredible organization creates campaigns around behavior change and promotes scientifically proven routes for cancer prevention. It supports and runs programs around early dectecion and screening, in addition to providing psychosocial support to their community through retreats and events. And it provides the cancer community with a space to be heard, feel connected and unite both digitally and in person.”

You can donate to the Deadpool and OMAZE campaign here. Will you be getting in on the cause? Let us know in the comment section below!

Image: 20th Century Fox/OMAZE

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