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Ryan Reynolds Delivers a DEADPOOL Easter Treat, Where’s Waldo-Style

Deadpool‘s ties to the rest of the X-Men film universe have always been tenuous at best: everyone pretends X-Men Origins: Wolverine never happened, in part because of the way it mangled Ryan Reynolds‘ first chance to play Deadpool on the big screen, and the rest of  the X-Men movies have their own continuity problems which can’t be easily resolved. But what if the X-Men and Deadpool films were truly linked together? To celebrate Easter, Reynolds released a Where’s Waldo? style pinup which is packed with references and characters from almost every X movie to date.

I like eggs three ways: scrambled, poached or hidden.

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The pinup appears to take place at Xavier’s mansion, as the school comes under attack from an outside force during an egg hunt (Colossus found one under a Christmas tree). On the far left side, we can actually see Patrick Stewart’s Xavier chasing James McAvoy’s Xavier with a pair of scissors, as if the outcome of the real fight doesn’t matter to them as much as accurate baldness. At the bottom left, it appears that Spiral, a six-armed villainess who has yet to appear in the films, is stuck searching in the bushes.

Towards the middle, we can see Dogpool sitting in front of Hank McCoy, who is doing his best Beauty and the Beast impression with his ladyfriend. Behind them, Angel is naked for some reason while Wolverine and X-23 have a little father-daughter time in the middle of the slaughter.

To the left of Wolverine, we can see Deadpool (with bunny ears) and Cable behind one of the hedges, with Domino nearby as well. Blind Al also has an unlikely team-up with Storm near the top right, while poor hapless Dopinder is trapped in his cab as Magneto uses it as a weapon. There’s a lot more to find in the pic, especially for the hardcore fans.

What do you think about Reynolds’ Easter Egg pic? Let us know in the comment section below!

Image: 20th Century Fox

Have a nerdy Easter weekend, everyone!

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