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DC Collectibles GOTHAM CITY GARAGE Statue Line Adds Batgirl and Supergirl (Exclusive)

You loved the DC super-heroines as high school girls. You loved them even more as World War II-era pin-ups. And you might have noticed another big stylistic revamp sneaking its way into DC Collectibles‘ statue line: Gotham City Garage, which imagines the major female heroes of the DC universe as bikers, usually paired with custom sweet rides.

Yesterday came news of a new comic-book series, which paints a picture of a future Gotham City run by Lex Luthor as a false utopia, and a wasteland outside where the rebellious, possibly Furiosa-esque rebels of the Gotham City Garage dwell. Wonder Woman, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn have been immortalized in statue form already, but today, we give you your first look at the Batgirl statue. Like all the others, it’s in 9-inch scale. This one will run you around $350.


“The idea behind Gotham City Garage is to explore the tough and gritty alter-egos of DC’s most iconic characters such as Wonder Woman and Catwoman, and now Batgirl and Supergirl,” says Jim Fletcher, executive creative director, DC Collectibles. And speaking of Supergirl, we’re also happy to reveal her figure. She doesn’t come with a bike because, well, she can fly. And lift hefty motors with a single, er, one-handed overhead press. She’ll cost $125.


Fletcher adds, “Just like with DC Bombshells, it’s exciting to see these character designs strike a chord with fans and transcend from statues into comic books and beyond, and we’re eager to find out just how far Gotham City Garage can ride.”

Given how well DC managed to execute a toy version of Batgirl on her bike, we’re hoping these may get action figure treatment eventually (also cosplay gear, because those Super-boots are sweet). For now, however, this is the only way to bring these badass biker ladies home in three dimensions. But stay tuned to DC Collectibles’ website for more information on these and others.

Are these the collectibles that rev your engine? Who should get the leather-jacket treatment next, and what should their motorcycles look like? Speed into the comments below and brake your thoughts to us.

Images: DC Collectibles


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