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Mondo Brings Batman, Korra, The Rocketeer, and More to SDCC (Exclusive)

San Diego Comic-Con is only a few days away, but Mondo is already showing off some the awesome collectibles that will be on display for the very first time. And there’s at least one Batman print that may have fans scrambling towards the Mondo booth (#835) at this year’s fest!

Artist Rory Kurtz’s The Dark Knight 12-color screen print appears to be inspired by the second movie of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. This 24″ x 36” masterpiece is available online as a timed edition starting today at 2:00 pm Central time until Friday, July 21 at 9:00 pm Central. However, fans at Comic-Con will have the chance to purchase a limited run of 150 copies for $60 each. Just remember, Batman has no jurisdiction, so you can put him up on any wall that you choose!


The Legend of Korra fans may enjoy the Korra & Asami in the Spirit World statue, which was designed by series co-creator Bryan Konietzko and sculpted by Joe Jung. Believe it or not, this statue is essentially a sequel to the series, in that it catches up with Korra and Asami a few days after they entered the Spirit World as a couple. This won’t be available to buy at SDCC, but pre-orders will begin soon.


Starting in August, you’ll be able to place a pre-order and  reunite Dave Stevens’ Cliff Secord with his best gal in The Rocketeer & Betty statue. It’s also a nice touch that the base of the statue is coming out of the flames and smoke of Cliff’s rocket pack.


Remember the Madballs? Mondo does, and they’re bringing glow in the dark variants of Slobulus, Horn Head, and Skull Face to Comic-Con, where they will be sold individually for $28 each, or $75 for the set. These Madballs will be limited to only 250, but you’ll only have the chance to scoop up 125 copies at Comic-Con. The rest are being held for an online release later this year.


Finally, it’s tiki time! Or more accurately, Mondo Tee-kis time. Mondo is bringing three Tee-Kis mugs to San Diego: Aliens, Carafe of Cthulhu, and the Iron Giant!




The Aliens Tee-Kis mugs is the Xeno Bone variant, and it will be limited to 150 pieces for $55 exclusively at San Diego. The Carafe of Cthulhu and the Iron Giant Tee-Kis mugs will only be displayed at San Diego, with pre-orders starting next month.

Which of Mondo’s SDCC exclusives are you most excited about? Let us know in the comment section below!

Images: Mondo

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