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Dorne Will Come to Life by Way of Spain, GAME OF THRONES Fans — Check Out the Water Gardens

Well, all that rampant speculation can now be put to rest as former VP for HBO and current U.S. ambassador to Spain and Andorra, James Costos has confirmed that Game of Thrones will transform Spain into George R.R. Martin’s Westerosi kingdom better known as Dorne for its upcoming fifth season. We’re heading to Sunspear, you guys! And things are about to get Moorish.

Confirmed by the premier radio network of Spain, Cadena SER, Costos’ news comes on the heels of a previously confirmed report from HBO that location scouting was going on in the country. Considering the sensual grandeur of its proud son, Oberyn Martell, the architecture and beauty of Spain feels like a logical fit for his home.

Here’s Costos announcing the news:

Even better than all that, though, is the confirmation that the Alcázar of Seville, a royal palace that was formally a Moorish fort and current UNESCO a World Heritage Site, would serve as the Water Gardens of Dorne. Fa-aa-ancy, HBO!

But we sure do hope your insurance plans are comprehensive, because this place is as ancient as it is mind-bogglingly gorgeous. Just take a peek:




I mean, seriously unreal, right? For those who’ve not read the books and don’t mind minor location spoilers, the Water Gardens are said to be a sort of communal home for all the children of Dorne in addition to the homestead of House Martell. In A Feast for Crows it is said that regardless of status or rank, children are sent to the Water Gardens to be fostered, spending their days playing together at the castle’s many beaches, pools, and fountains. (It is also likely where we will again see Myrcella Baratheon, as she is currently a ward of Dorne.)

In the books the Water Gardens are described as being made up of pale pink marble with many gardens and courtyards shaded by blood orange trees. It is a favorite spot of Prince Doran Martell. And who could blame him? It sounds seriously dreamy in there, doesn’t it?

So — who’s excited to head to Sunspear? Let us hear it in the comments.

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  1. Marco says:

    The narrator says its for the 6th season, guess they don’t watch it.

  2. bksdmv says:

    Well I guess I got to head to Spain! If your a GOT fan make sure you check out this shirt:

  3. PapaFrit says:

    Is that so they can keep using Moorish imagery but still cast white actors?

    • sc says:

      They are casting who and what GRRM had in his mind. That has NOTHING to do with historical accuracy. This is an FANTASY book series, NOT an historical novel series.  he borrows as much from real life as he chooses to and so in turn do the producers. 

  4. Liz says:

    I have been there and it is amazing. It will be gorgeously breathtaking on screen. Cannot wait.