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Scream at a Wall: Our Favorite Hardcore Releases Just in Time for Mother’s Day

Scream at a Wall is back to give you your weekly does of hard, heavy, fast, and dark music. Heavy is as heavy does, and we are ready to get heavy. We dug through the record crates, poked through the evil parts of the internet, and opened the unholiest of press releases to bring you our favorite tracks and albums of the week. This year has been epic and it’s only getting better, so strap in, kiddies. It’s time to rock!

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Muscle and Marrow defy definition. They have released another track from their upcoming album, Love, and like the stuff we heard before it is nightmare inducing. Beautiful and filled with grace,“Bereft Body” is one of the album’s prettier tracks. The vocals are unreal, floating into your head and enchanting you to lead a dark life of solitude and torture. Love is one hell of an album, guys. We love Love, in fact.

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We’ve been telling you Beastwars are awesome for the last few weeks. We meant every word. Their latest album is easily one of the year’s best, and the track “Witches” is a perfect showcase of what these dudes do so well. You can peep their new video below, it’s creepy stuff. Don’t be fooled though, Beastwars are not a band made up of scary women playing in an abandoned warehouse. The imagery is pretty stellar, with lots of witchy type things going on. Something about this reminds us of late night MTV, back when MTV used to play music. 120 Minutes type stuff. That’s a compliment.

North‘s Light the Way is an album that everybody should be paying attention to. A sludgy, post-metal masterpiece that is not only the best thing North has done to date, Light The Way is also one of the best heavy records to hit our ears in years. The band just released a video for the track “Primal Bloom,” which is maybe about weird, forest farming? Something like that. Whatever the case, we love it. If you have not purchased Light the Way, do so now.

Converge played Jane Doe in it’s entirety at Roadburn Fest this year. Were you there? We weren’t, which makes us sad. Fortunately, there’s a video of the whole set, so you can watch the mayhem ensue from the comfort of your own home. The audio quality isn’t the best: you can’t hear enough of Kurt Ballou’s guitar ripping, but still, it’s worth watching. Jane Doe is, to put it simply, one of the most important records ever produced. It blew everyone away when it came out. Hell, it still blows everyone away, so to see the band play it live is amazing. If you were there, we want to lick the sweat from your forehead and taste the intensity you felt.

Frameworks just announced they have new album coming from the handsome folks over at Deathwish Inc. This makes us excited. We like Frameworks and we like Deathwish Inc. so together they should make a taste we can’t resist. Witness “Tangled,” the first track to premiere from the upcoming album. It’s emotional, raw, and chaotic, a bold spectacle of audio mayham. There’s some awesome melody buried in a sea of rock and screams. If you like Touche Amore, you’re gonna fall head over heels for this stuff. We’re pumped and already have this one on preorder.

(via Stereogum)

Neurosis is the best. There’s no contesting this. Best band ever: Neurosis. This is a hill we are prepared to die on. Relapse Records have slowly been reissuing some of the band’s albums on vinyl. On June 17th, we’re getting A Sun that Never Sets and The Eye of Every Storm. These babies have been out of print for like a decade, so this has us feeling all warm and gooey inside. We’re especially excited for The Eye of Every Storm, an album that too often gets overlooked in the band’s legacy, but it’s one of their best. If you have not delved into the world of Neurosis you need to reflect on your life and how you have failed yourself and probably those around you. Get these albums. Worship this band. They’re the best. It’s a fact.

Gorguts are releasing a one song EP titled Pleiades’ Dust. Now, you might think a one song EP sounds more a like a single, right? It’s just one track, after all. Well, this being the metal monsters known as Gorguts, this particular one track EP is 33 minutes long. It’s more of an experience than a song, it moves and shifts, takes you strange places. It forces you to consume it as they intended it, no skipping tracks (although we cheated below and start the track at one of our favorite moments). Gorguts fans have been clamoring for this one, drooling blood and howling at the moon. It’s here now, and it was worth the wait, folks. Dig into it.

Finally, we leave you with Praise. This band plays melodic post-hardcore stuff with a technical flair. Leave It All Behind is an album that get stuck in your head, the sort of record you can’t help but singing along to. Like the punk and hardcore of the late ’90s and early 2000s, this stuff is emotional and infused with a groove that begs for circle pits and stage dives. There’s an honesty to these tracks that you can’t fake, and that’s probably what we dig most about it. You can listen to the whole album below. We think you’ll like Praise.

That’s it for this week. Go forth, throw some horns up, and keep spinning in the black circle. If there’s a metalcore, grindcore, hardcore, or any other -core song you think the world needs to hear, sound off in the comments below. \m/

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