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Cat Climbs on Unflappable Owner’s Head During TV News Interview

Recently, Jerzy Targalski, a Polish historian and political scientist, was interviewed by the Dutch news show Nieuwsuur about the Polish Supreme Court. Heady stuff no doubt, but not a typical story purr-fect for us here at Nerdist. However, this is the rare example of political coverage that is right up our alley (cat), because Targalski’s expert commentary was interrupted in the most hilarious, cutest way ever, when his supremely adorable kitty Lisio decided to get in on the conversation by climbing on his shoulders.

So what do you do when you’re a serious person talking about a serious subject on a serious news show while a cat decides to take up residence on your head? You calmly keep your kitten’s tail out of your face and you continue, BECAUSE YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL WHO ALSO LOVES HIS CAT.

Give this man a special Pulitzer: “Excellence in Special Commentary While a Cute Cat Climbs On Your Head.”

According to CBS News, this portion of the interview didn’t actually make it on to the pre-taped program, and we only got to see it because reporter Rudy Buoma shared it, which means this is the ultimate example of burying the lede. We didn’t even know Poland had a Supreme Court and now….we do? Or were they asking him if they should? Okay, look, we still don’t know a lot about what is going on in Poland because we were just paying attention to the kitty, but now we know who to turn to if we want to learn more.

The cat.

And even better? This gives us an excuse to watch the greatest interrupted live TV interview ever.

All interview should be done a) at home and b) with unaware and adorable children and pets around. That’s how you get people interested in the news.

Would you be able to keep a straight face while a cat climbed on your head at work? Tell us how you would respond in the comments below.

Featured Image: Flickr/Christopher Martin

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