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Take the Sounds of a Purring Cat Anywhere with This Emulator

Dog people get to play fetch and go to the park with their best friends. Cat people can’t do that exactly, but they aren’t left out in the cold. Their companions come with a white noise generator to help their humans relax, feel less stressed, and even help them sleep. We are talking about the purr of course. And if you miss the sound of your feline friend purring while you’re at work or traveling, you no longer have t worry. Via Boing Boing, creator Stéphane Pigeon has made a website where you can take a purring cat anywhere you want.

Purrli is an emulator that lets you listen to a cat’s purr via the internet and allows you to customize the purr you want to hear. You know when you go to Brookstone at the mall and sit in the massage chairs you can’t afford and mess with all the settings to get the “purr-fect” massage (if you honestly thought we were going to talk about this without using this pun at least once, there’s nothing we can do for you)? Purrli does the same thing, just with a purr. Is the cat sleepy or happy? Is it relaxed or overjoyed? You can even determine how often a “meow” is thrown into the mix.

If you sign up to become a patron of Purrli, you receive the added bonus of two other different types of kitties to make the customization even more “purr-sonal” (okay, that one we may be sorry about).

hat do you think? Are you going to add Purrli to your bookmarks? Let me know on Twitter at @donnielederer or sound off in the comments below.

Images: Purrli, Kabi/Wikimedia Commons

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