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All the Easter Eggs You Missed from the Super Bowl Trailers

Did you catch all the Super Bowl trailers yesterday? Did you catch all the crazy Easter Eggs for this Summer’s biggest movies? Well good news, friend-o: Nerdist News is here to run-down all the best big-movie surprises from the game.

While the Super Bowl spot for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows was lacking in the Tyler Perry department, it did provide us our first glimpse at the villainous Dimension X alien, Krang! And he looked…weirdly…cute? We also saw got to see Krang’s bald, powerfully-80s, humanoid “ex-suit” and his Technodrome, which is officially now all Michael Bay’d out. NICE.

Next? A movie we didn’t even know existed until a few weeks ago, 10 Cloverfield Lane! While the first trailer made it seem like most or maybe even all of the flick would be contained to an underground bunker, the Super Bowl spot maybe-probably gave away the beginning of the film and more than likely the end. What’s that thing emitting a bright light and powerful roar? Could it be the Cloverfield monster we all know and love? (Probably.)

Then there’s Independence Day: Resurgence. While there’s not much in the way of fan-enticing easter eggs, per se, we did get some perfectly-ID4 escalation. Cause how do you top the destruction of international monuments? By dropping international monuments on top of other international monuments.

And speaking of destruction — holy cow X-Men: Apocalypse has it in spades. Some things of note: the more armor-like X-suits, Apocalypse’s crazy, shifting size. But the big reveal was our first look at Psylocke in full on action, leaping through the air and slicing a car in half with her psychic katana. I mean look at that costume! That’s ripped straight from the page.

And Captain America: Civil War has already blown its cover in terms of who’s fighting for whom, but Marvel‘s Super Bowl trailer was the first time we actually saw each side standing with one another. And what’d we catch? Well, Ant-Man’s rocking a suit that seems to have actually been made this century, Cap’s shield looks like it’s been all slashed up by a certain vibranium-clawed Black Panther, and Iron Man’s got a sweet new wristwatch that becomes an easy-breezy repulser beam for those business meetings where you need to stop a bullet and/or blast a human being to smithereens.

And finally, let’s head to the DC-side with Turkish Airlines’ Gotham and Metropolis-themed TV spots. Even though they weren’t actual trailers, we still got a bunch of fun easter eggs: the new Gotham City skyline—including the famous ACE Chemicals factory—AND our first clear look at the chunky new Bat-signal without the ol’ Son of Krypton blocking the way. But perhaps the biggest reveal wasn’t in the ads themselves but from the Turkish Airlines website: Gotham and Metropolis will be border cities on the East coast in cinematic universe canon. Geography! That’s what superhero cinema is all about.

But what’d you guys think of the Super Bowl trailers? Let us know in the comments below!

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