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Annnnnd we’re totally all kids again! The new TV spot for this summer’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows has us surprisingly excited and it has a lot to do with the many throwbacks to the cartoon series.

With tons of new footage, let’s get to the parts that bring us back to what we love about the turtles: We get a good look at the new tricked-out version of the Turtle Van which feels right that it’s built out of a sturdy garbage truck. The crazy gadgets we loved so much about the cartoon series are out in full force with gigantic nunchaku arms capable of a lot of destruction. TMNTVan020716

Upon closer inspection, the car along side of it appears to be weaponized as well so we don’t feel too bad about its subsequent destruction.

Oh, and did someone say Technodrome!?TMNTTechnodrome020716

We did. Just then. We said “Technodrome.” Well, we typed it. You probably didn’t read it aloud. So we guess no one said it, but still, LOOK IT’S THE TECHNODROME! Updated to be more than just an underground soccer ball adorned with an eyeball, the floating behemoth of a machine appears to be able to morph in some way. This reminds us of that old saying our grandparents used to say “Where there’s Technodrome, there’s usually a Krang.” We get to see Krang, you guys.

Ahem. We don’t know if you read that with the right emphasis. YOU GUYS, WE GET TO SEE KRANG!Krang1020716 Krang2020716

So we’d say that’s pretty darn official that Krang will surely play a part in the new film. While we’re pleased with the updated robotic body and the adherence to the classic pink brain and purple eyes, we can’t help but sort of miss the red underpants and metal suspenders.

It’s crazy to think about how uneasy we all were when the first TMNT reboot came out in 2014 but we are delighted with what we’ve seen with the second so far. That’s likely due to the filmmakers forgetting about drastically re-imagining things and instead – leaning into what fans loved about the cartoon.

What do you think of the updated Krang? Let us know in the comments below!

Images: Paramount Pictures
HT: Deadline

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