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A New Green Lantern Rises In Trailer For Fan Film POWER

2011 saw one of the biggest and most meticulously built event in comic book films take place. After years of careful planning, love, and work the world was introduced to what many believe was the best comic book movie ever made. That film, was not Green Lantern. The film’s failure is an even bigger disappointment that just marring the reputation of one of DC’s strongest characters. It has also made Warner Bros. and DC hesitant in returning to stories about Hal Jordan and his ring of power. Any good fan, though, knows Jordan hasn’t been the only one to wield willpower as a sword and shield…and Gatling gun.


This is exactly what Hisonni Johnson was thinking. An internet filmmaker and fan of comics; Johnson and crew have dabbled in fan films before. His Fight Night: Legacy video has been nominated for a Streamy Award and has won several others. His ongoing series, Grayson: Earth One, may only have a couple of episodes to it at the moment, but the heavy metal take on an alternate Dick Grayson origin story holds all the hallmarks of one who understands his craft and his source material. Now, Johnson is setting his sights on the world of Green Lantern with a new trailer for Power, featuring John Stewart as Green Lantern.

The trailer itself may not give too much in the way of a story, but it sure does offer some awesome ideas of what it could be. President Lex Luthor with his power suit is enough to get anyone geeking out, and that is before even showcasing the inclusion of Deadshot and finally John Stewart as Green Lantern. Actor Dio Johnson (Super Fast) looks fantastic in his short time as Stewart and both the voiceover and visual effects are enough to give one chills. Johnson plans to run an Indiegogo campaign soon in support of Power, and seeing his ability, there is no doubt he could deliver a worthwhile product. It is rumored DC and Warner Bros. are looking to use the John Stewart Green Lantern for their next film, and while actors like Tyrese Gibson campaign themselves to play the character it seems a film itself is far off. This could be just the thing us GL fans are looking for while we wait to see what the big boys do next.

Be sure to check out Hisonni Johnson’s work on his YouTube channel, and let us know what you think of Power and if you would support its Indiegogo. Also hit me up on Twitter, @MattDelhauer, to let me know who you would cast as John Stewart in a new Green Lantern movie.

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  1. jeff says:

    Do it dio!

  2. Jay Hough says:

    Everyone’s a critic on the Internet behind the cozy animosity of a computer screen, aren’t they? Sigh. What a world. Keep up the good work, Matt.

  3. Henrik says:

    All that said, great fan made trailer!

  4. kolaberry says:

    Nerdists UNTIE!

  5. rasputin says:

    Sorry, author, but I have to hate on your writing a little bit. (With the hopes it gets better because I really love Nerdist) Hurray for convering something Green Lantern! But not so hurray for your writing skills.

     Poorly written, incoherent intro. “…greatest comic book movie ever made….. The film’s failure..” Um, what? Nice consistency, there. Halfway through the first very poorly written paragraph and I don’t even care what the article is about anymore. I think you need an editor.

     “2011 saw one of the biggest and most meticulously built event in comic book films take place.”
     – Never begin a paragraph with a number written numerically, less so a year.

    – “eventS” with an S
    – “take place” is unnecessary. Delete it. (Actually, the whole sentence is a tad eighth-grade). “Take place” is a cop-out phrase for non-writers with no imagination. Never use it again.

     How can the film be widely considered the greatest comic book movie ever made, and then in the next sentence you cite its enormous failure? Did you mean “..what many believed would be the greatest..”? That would have made sense.

     Congrats on blogging for Nerdist, but really, dude- brush up on your writing skills. Let’s raise the bar a little bit so Nerdist can be taken seriously by grown-ups.

    • rich says:

      Hey dickhead! We get it, you’re a master of grammar, but that doesnt mean you can actually write. Im sorry this dream of yours has failed due to s lack of talent and imagination, but going all English teacher on an article does nothing but make you sound like a pompous, humourless twat.

    • Josh Man says:

      Sorry, commenter, but I have to hate on your reading comprehension skills  A little bit.  His intro was clearly referring to Avengers (although it came out in 2012), not Green Lantern, which does not fit with what he is writing at all.  You should have been able to see that even without him spelling it out for you.  No one thought the intro referred to Green Lantern.  He segued into a “terrible” comic book movie from a great one to talk about one that does look cool, like the former (Avengers) and unlike the last Green Lantern film. Congrats on reading Nerdist, but really, dude – brush up on your reading abilities.  Let’s make it seem like grown-ups read Nerdist.

    • Trav says:

      Years are actually the only acceptable numerals when starting a paragraph. His sentence you referenced may be “eighth-grade”, but that’s the grade level being sought when writing. Also, why are you commenting on his lack of an ‘S’ in “event” when you types “convering” when you clearly meant “covering”?

    • Jes says:

      you sir, need a kit kat

    • kidboon says:

      I’m not gonna hate on you like everyone else here. I agree the writing is all kinds of janky in that beginning paragraph. There’s no consistency problem though because you missed the punchline where he says, “That film, was not Green Lantern.”

      I would agree with the editor sentiment or even just a proofreader.

      But really after that rough first paragraph it’s fine afterwards.

    • msar says:



      You just have to register a FREE account..Have fun!!!