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Darth Vader Faces Batman Again And We All Win

A month ago we brought you a look at one of the most epic ‘What if…’ questions that has plagued comic book and sci-fi nerds alike. What would happen if The Dark Knight went toe-to-toe in a fight against the Dark Lord of the Sith? That’s right, Batman Vs. Darth Vader was the topic of and episode in the ever-so-brilliant Super Power Beat Down series from Bat In The Sun Studios. That YouTube sensation scored just under four million views, and how could that not be expected? Two of the most iconic characters in geek culture in one video is almost cheating when it comes to getting noticed on the internet.


Well, as one might expect, it seems that some people were not happy with the outcome of the original fight. Spoiler Alert: Darth Vader wins. A quick look at the comment section on the video, and a few showers afterward, is all the proof that is needed that Batman fans were less than pleased with this. So, it seems the crew over at Bat In The Sun decided to offer up an alternate ending to the fight. Hopefully it will be enough for all of the Batman fans that were upset with seeing The Caped Crusader get bested by the baddest Sith Lord this side of Alderaan. It seems in this new video Batman has a contingency plan for just about everything, and that includes taking on The Force itself.

So, what do you think? Did the new video do justice to the brilliant mind of Batman, or did they get it right the first time with Vader taking the victory? Let us know in the comments below, or just type the name of who should have won in all caps and send it to me on @MattDelhauer.

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  1. larry says:

    Lame Batman would totally be destroyed by Vader how is this even a question.

  2. Mike says:

    its fixed now.

  3. m says:

    Total BS simple truth is that DV would choke out Batman with his death grip…game over in 30 sec. Sorry Batman fans.

  4. Rick says:

    Much Better!

  5. george says:

    The whole video was spot on. Batman was batman and vader was vader. Batman could not beat vader by himself so he used superman. Everyone saying that vader has the force, but batman being batman took that away with the e.m.p. (probably vaders biggest weakpoint). Honestly its a toss up. I think both endings are spot on. Batman took away the force almost immediately with the e.m.p., pisses vader off, so when vader recovered (with the ego of annakin still lurking) had to prove hes the dominant fighter, which is why he didnt end it right away. Both great endings and both make sense.

  6. Lonnie says:

    I think alternative ending actually makes the most sense. As far a imagined characters and worlds go. 

  7. Amarillo says:

    wtf!… amazing!

  8. GenghisBob says:

    I love batman, but there is no way in hell he wins against Vader if they are both bringing all of the powers and skills they possess in their respective Universes. Vader wields the force, can choke through armor from across the room and throw lightening. There are no gadgets, no martial arts techniques and no tech that Batman could employ that could save him. I understand how infuriating that is to fanboys, but being “realistic” and looking at the universes they come from, you have to admit that unless Bruce Wayne has secretly become a Jedi over the years, he’s toast.

    • James says:

      Seems to me like a simple EMP would take out Vader. If he can’t breath, he can’t kill you lol

    • Lorenzo says:

      Non-powered folks with arguably lesser skills and gadgets than Batman have beaten and even killed Jedi before. I don’t see why people just go and call others ‘fanboys’ because they think a fictional battle could have gone a different way. 

    • Eric maas says:

      Vader cannot use force lightning as his arms are artificial. which is one of the reasons palpatine wanted Luke.

  9. Magjic says:

    Batman knows his limits more than anyone, know what he knew of Vader, this outcome would have been his plan all along

  10. James says:

    I must admit that I didn’t like this ending much better. There are so many ways that Batman could take out Vader without using Superman as the default save all. I think I make a good case in the article below to back up my opinion.

    • Otho says:

      Fair points… But you seems to forget one small but important detail! Superpower Beatdown is determinate by VOTES, not by logic… 😛

      • Otho says:

        Sorry, I didn’t mean to stick the tongue to you! I only made the :  P  simbol to point out that ” Yeah, point out how it should be done isn’t the same as how it IS done!”

    • Louis Regalado says:

      Love  your  article.  You are 100 percent correct

    • Predator says:

      I love Batman I thinks he is the best but kid this is freaking Darth Vader there is no way in hell Batman could defeat him I will say that if Batman could find a way to beat Vader it Would be a draw but thats very slim because Vader can tell wherever Batman is with the the force and in seconds snap of the neck if Vader isnt Underestimating him as Vader buts it and if Vader toys with then there’s Batmans slim chance but still no I dont think Batman can win this srry but not this even if Batman could defeat his whole team in the doom movie u forgot one thing he has no plan for Cyborg and why because he has no idea who Cyborg is he knows some things well more like alot because his Batman he can find out but still not enough to bring Cyborg down and thats the same for Vader and yes I wrote a page for a stupid argument but people need to learn that there FAVORITE CHARACTERS  can’t always WIN I wish it could be that simple but its not like another character that I love and always will Goku and I think he could pretty much beat anybody but actually he can not because there’s always someone stronger,or faster,or smarter,and many more and that is all u little girls that keep on complaining that your favorite gut didn’t win a battle that he had no chance to win to beging with then u make up these “facts” say that they could have totally won. Now I am done

  11. Jake says:

    That is what Batman would have done!  His whole job there was to get Superman, and he knew he couldn’t compete with the force, so he would’ve freed his friend while simultaneously using Superman to gain the upper hand.  Batman uses everything in his environment, including the Man of Steel.