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Episode 64: You Made It Weird
Dov Davidoff

You Made It Weird #64: Dov Davidoff

DOV DAVIDOFF (Comedian! Actor! Writer! One of the most interesting people ever! Cool guy!) is one of Pete’s favorite YMIW guests ever: open, funny, thoughtful, badass. Good lord, this is a great one. I don’t want to even spoil anything here. Just get into it, you weirdos! It was the best. WHAT WAS IT, THE BEST? Yes. Just yes.

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  1. vegangrrrrl says:

    Dov mentioned Jeremy Benthem, George Bernard Shaw AND PPeter Singer?! Consider my mindz blown. I highly reccomend that everyone read Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation, a great take on the way people treat animals from the perspective of a renowned ethicist. (on perhaps.)

    “Things that you take for granted are things you should be celebrating.”

  2. George Sand says:

    WOW Pete Holmes injects too much of himself into this so-called interview. He’s gotta listen to his guest more. Too bad, cos Dov is someone who has a lot of meaningful stuff to say. i am a great fan of Dov but i could only listen to about six minutes before i turned it off.

  3. Rogue says:

    Dang, Dov sounds a bit like Willem Dafoe. This episode is one of my favorites in the past month; the array of topics is great.

    On the whole sports thing– silly, silly tribalism. “HEY I WATCH THIS THING THAT REPRESENTS MANLINESS. YOU DO TOO?! DOOOOD” Having been in Boston for just under a year now, I’ve come to despise Red Sox fans. SO much. From watching the fanaticism, I’ve come to the same thoughts of “this is so… pointless. The world doesn’t change if they win or lose.” I mean, I guess there’s always the chance of fights or what have you, but yeah. People get so excited over basically nothing. Not a fan.

    I could ramble about the sex talk but it seems people already had their panties in a bunch so I’m just going to avoid that…

    And Pete! Your inner hippy is showing- talking about wheat grass and how terrible factory farming is. I dig it.

  4. Brooke says:

    As obviously sarcastic as my anger genuine.
    p.s. I’m a big fan of your work.

  5. abe says:

    brooke, dahling: might wanna take your sarcasm detector in for a 12-point inspection.

  6. Brooke says:

    Abe’s mother was undoubtedly a whore. Hey Abe, the majority of us like to hear comics make uncensored jokes. Stop trying to bully and go elsewhere if you don’t like it. I hear TED has a *yawn* fascinating podcast that I’m sure is PC enough for your pussy-ass sensibilities. I’m sure Pat and Betty both had a better sense of humor than you. Take your stinky vag elsewhere.

  7. abe says:

    me and betty friedan and pat morita are terribly displeased, as offendable generalities, with your audience. fuck you, pete, and the whores you rode in on.

  8. John G. says:

    Hey Pete,

    When someone has sex with an unconscious person, it’s not “rape-y”. It’s rape.

  9. Brooke says:

    While I always find his story interesting, I came back from this episode with a much greater appreciation of Dov than after listening to his WTF. What an intelligent, articulate and thoughtful dude (okay, I’ll stop now). Great episode!
    Pete- I thought of this article I read the other day when you were talking about how easily getting sex comes to the character Don Draper. You pretty much nailed the reality of it.

  10. terry says:

    This Dov is so different from his stand up persona. And I’m finding myself oddly attracted to him. Weird.

  11. Trent Tanaka says:

    Has Pete Holmes ever been to Japan? I find it interesting how he can easily make sweeping generalizations about an entire race of people.

  12. Casey says:

    This was hilarious to listen to because I’ve heard Dov’s episode of WTF and already knew a lot of the basics covered here. It was great to re-experience Dov’s wildly interesting story through someone who had no idea what was coming. Fantastic!

  13. Nelson P says:

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT YOU REFERENCED THE WIZARD THING. I have only one rule and that is to arrive precisely when I intend to arrive because then I could be a wizard.

    I try not to take that rule or myself so seriously but I was laughing immediately because of that reference.

    I love you.

  14. Pete Holmes says:

    I was thinking “MY Bodygaurd”! Whoops. 🙂

  15. Mandy says:

    Really? Rebel guy on a motorcycle and you were thinking The Bodyguard? I think we were all thinking Grease 2… right?

  16. Mark Rajca says:

    The sports and culture part really made a lot of sense to me.

    I’m amazed how good these ‘still’ are. Not to be a downer or anything. Guess I should just accept that some things can simply be good… as long as you keep it crispy.