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Episode 12: You Made It Weird
Anthony Jeselnik

You Made It Weird #12: Anthony Jeselnik

Anthony Jeselnik (Comedy Central Presents, Comedy Central Roasts, CD Shakespeare) is Anthony Jeselnik ALL THE TIME. This episode is a delightful and oddly honest and weird conversation about ego (Pete and Anthony discuss at length their egos and the importance of a performer’s ego), confidence, voice, persona, weed, traveling first class, likability, and of course sex and God. Plus a bonus track from the unreleased UCB NY CD about, fittingly, bragging. Enjoy, you weirdos!!

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  1. Mister_Poon says:

    I discovered Jeselnik a few weeks ago. I am JUST starting to do stand-up and watching Jeselnik’s career blossoming has really inspired me. I would kill to talk to him for just a few minutes. The guy is brilliant. I have never laughed so hard in my life.

  2. Tillburg says:

    Great stuff as always, Pete. I never knew how to approach Jeselnik, so this was a great intro to his persona.

  3. whiskey says:

    This is the first of your nerdist podcasts I’ve listened to, obviously you have very cool friends and all but your peals of laughter (Pete) seem very fake and mocking, what’s up with that? It’s hard to listen to your your extensive monologues. OK, just work on the ratio, I know I only have a sample of a couple of your podcast but maybe I’ll give you one more chance….. edit edit edit 🙂 I’m not saying it’s easy to do fo yo flo but keep trying to stfu and let your guests talk.

  4. TheTexasHammer says:

    Jeselnik is the best! BUT…Pete…your monologue is like slow death. I actually contemplated slitting my wrists waiting for you to shut the hell up.

  5. JP says:

    i really enjoyed this podcast. jeselnik is one of my favorite stand ups today and it was a lot of fun getting to know him better.

  6. Julia Hays says:

    I love Anthony’s album; it was great to hear him on the show. I’m an atheist as well, and some of the Anthony’s points on the subject were really thought provoking. Very enjoyable episode!

  7. I appreciated this a lot. Pete I love your podcast and the refreshing mix of knowledge, experience sharing, and of course laughter. Plus Jeselnik’s the cat’s PJs. Keep it up!

  8. Robert says:

    Just started listening to the podcast. This was a great episode, loved it! Looking forward to going through the list.

  9. Zuri says:

    Curmudgeon comment: This podcast brought back terrible memories of being forced to watch a Dane Cook set (did not know he was the surprise guest.)

  10. Troy says:

    This is probably the only podcast anyone should listen to. I was walking and I stopped once you mentioned that the both of you only want stand up to be jokes and not punditry. That blew my mind because ever since I heard Sam Kinison as a teenager, I’ve looked at all stand up as somebody’s soapbox. I sat down for a good half hour looking at my morals. No other podcast has made me stop in my tracks.

  11. Pete Holmes says:

    thanks kass! very much appreciated! (and everyone for the good words!)

  12. Kass says:

    Dude, what is in the holy Catholic water? So many Catho-Atheists…

    Anyhow, Pete, if you have not read “Misquoting Jesus”, it’s a solid, very fast read by a friendly atheist Biblical scholar, Bart Ehrman.

    It’s sort of poppy, but if you want some source material and commentary that’s also a good read, the same guy wrote “The New Testament and Other Early Christian Writings: A Reader” and “The New Testament: A Historical Introduction to the Early Christian Writings”. I had to buy them in college and I like them more than Misquoting Jesus. I’ve been dragging them around for the last six years and rereading them and they hold up more than their older and harder to read counterparts. The fact that little bits of ridiculous stuff in current versions of the Bible seem to be translation errors or rampant political agendas from the last 2000 years is kinda comforting.

    Or you can scrap it all, watch Jesus Camp and cry for the world. (Scary Ass Shiz.)

    Btw, because it keeps coming up, I’m Christian, but the fear of death deal isn’t really a factor in faith choosing for me. If it were: reincarnation. All the way.

  13. quest says:

    This is the first you made it weird podcast I listened to. Just for the record even though I haven’t flown anywhere since the birth of airport security theater I love hearing stories about how nice it is in first class (once a stewardess once brought me a sandwich from first class because the plane was almost empty – now I guess they’d cancel the flight to save gas).

  14. Nick H says:

    I love that Pete & Anthony love what theyre doing. You should be your own favorite comic. The reason to be a comic, musician or any artist, is that theres something you want to see that hasnt been done yet. I for one write music (not professionally) because I feel like theres music I want to here and that I havent heard. Therefore I strive to create it, and hopefully when I get good enough and can communicate myself and my ideas, like Anthony and Pete are doing, it will be my favorite music.

    Thats my view and I thats what my favorite artists do.

  15. Trenton says:

    Anthony said several of my own beliefs about god. It’s probably about time to commit to the athiest team.

  16. onReload says:

    Great episode, I saw Anthony last Friday here in Philly, he was awesome (walked right by me before starting, glad I didn’t say anything), and I made sure not to see a full stand-up special of his so that his act would be fresh, and it was. And I think he definitely has a likability that keeps him from being hated, but also the way he smiles and commits to his stage persona and being a comedian (talking to the crowd, analyzing joke responses), you can tell, without being a genius, that he doesn’t mean the things he says…but also that his cockiness is not 100% fake, either.

  17. dirk says:

    Possibly my favorite yet, for this podcast. That says a lot since, from start, I have been a fan. The humor, truth, opinions, and oppositions are are enjoyable and poignant. It is rare to find things that make me both laugh and think these days. Thank You.

  18. Abbey says:

    Loved every bit of it (as always!). And good choice with not editing the podcast. I always feel an unedited podcast is better.

    Keep it crispy!

  19. gene says:

    holy shit, when does the fucking podcast start? Fuck your stupid preamble.

  20. Jordan says:

    Thank you for mentioning “I Am Comic” again. I have an interview with Anthony from when he wrote at Fallon. I could post lil’ sumpin’ sumpin’.

  21. Jordan says:

    Thank you for mentioning “I Am Comic” again. I have an interview with Anthony from when he wrote at Fallon. If Nerdfans would like, I could post lil’ sumpin’ sumpin’.

  22. phantombread says:

    Also, Dane Cook has a lot of great material…

  23. deb says:

    I have been a fan of Pete Holmes for a long time, and am fortunate enough to be able to say that I know for a fact he is one of the NICEST possible performers! I look forward to finding a way to check this out; I enjoy the work of Jeselnik (and Glass) as well, so BONUS!
    Can’t wait to see Pete at Nerdmelt January 19th!

  24. Ben says:

    This was a great fun interview! Post break-up DRAMA!!!! I love drama!

    Also, Does Todd Glass intentionally try to infiltrate every nerdiest show? Or does Pete only do shows with Todd Glass performing in the background as a stipulation?

  25. phantombread says:

    The two of you are my favorites! Keep it crispy, Pete!