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Yahoo! Unleashes Enjoyably Manic Trailer for COMMUNITY Season 6

It took me a few years to come around on Community, but after enjoying a five-day, five-season binge of the off-kilter sitcom a few months back, you can most assuredly list me among Greendale Community College’s biggest supporters. I’m just a sucker for a good ensemble farce, and while Community has certainly had its ups and downs over five seasons, there’s no denying that the cast has been pretty damn great throughout.

One of the cooler things about this ultra-modern cyber-streamy digital age in which we live is that, sometimes, good shows live on after their death. Firefly became a movie once Fox got tired of trying and let Universal produce Serenity, and while neither were “popular” smash hits, I think we can all agree that both are awesome and leave it at that. So while the Community fans were justifiably bummed when NBC cut the cord on the series, they also found a new-fangled hero in Yahoo! Screen. What’s “Yahoo! Screen?” I don’t even care! If they’ve got new Community episodes to offer, then I’m their newest viewer.

The new season starts on March 17, and while we seem to have lost a few cool characters (Shirley? No!), we’ve also gained folks like Paget Brewster and Keith David. They’re both really funny, so it should all work out pretty well. And it’s not like there are all that many good sitcom options on network TV these days.

Welcome back, perpetual community college students!

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  1. konrad says:

    Geo Restriction
    Sorry! The content provider has not given us the rights to play this video in your location.
    Not cool. 

  2. CanuckCommunityFan says:

    Seriously, they geo-locked the trailer?!

    Screw you, American-centric fiends!

    • Guy Incognito says:

      Get the “Hola” plugin for your web browswer.  Problem solved

      • CanuckCommunityFan says:

        Actually no. I had it installed, didn’t help. But I managed to find the Canada Friendly URL for it on Yahoo. And it’s on YouTube.