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Our Panel of Experts Discusses Which X-MEN They Would Smooch

The X-Men are too sexy for this office, and we’re not going to let you leave until we convince you. Join Host Jessica Chobot, Science Editor Kyle Hill, Nerdist Producer Jason Nguyen, and Nerdist Editor Matt Caron as they talk about why they love Rick and Morty and which X-Men they would bang.

Before we get to the main event—which for once isn’t Game of Thrones—we need to talk about Rick and Morty. Specifically, Pickle Rick. The Pickle Rick episode trolled the entire audience by making us believe it would be a silly, irreverent episode, but instead the episode dealt with the Smith’s divorce and how it affected the entire family. Rick and Morty is one of the best shows on television when it comes to melding complex, emotional storylines with hilariously stupid antics. Few shows can leave the audience crying tears of joy one minute and tears of sympathy the next.

Rick and Morty‘s great, but we’ve also got some mutants to fantasize about smoochin’. X-Men‘s Storm, Halle Berry has opened up about the character’s previous relationship with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, which happened before the events of the film and was never previously mentioned. We’re not sure whether or not an actor’s self-created backstory is considered canon, but we’re okay with it. The video above has a brief moment of discussing which superheroes are having a secret romance before they go on to play F***, Marry, Kill with Storm, Wolverine, and Jean Grey. You can play, too! But don’t actually do any of those things, just imagine.


For more Rick and Morty and X-Men, check out this Rick and Morty meme generator and the best/worst X-Men villains of all time.

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Image: Adult Swim, 20th Century Fox

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