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RICK AND MORTY Remix Brings Robot Morty Alive in Song

After three weeks spent filling in for the real Morty while he was off with Rick and Summer on a dystopian Mad Max: Fury Road world in Rick and Morty‘s second episode this season, poor little robot Morty reached self consciousness moments before he was destroyed.

“I want to be alive! I am alive! Alive I tell you!”

But despite his sad, failed attempts at a self-override, robot Morty’s brief moment as a real, thinking and feeling creature will live forever, thanks to this fantastic remix.

Warning: this song is so catchy that once you hear it it will live in your brain forever.

I love you
I want to hold you

I want to run in a stream

Oh that’s so much sadder in song form.

This earworm is the work of YouTube user Chetreo, but it’s not the first time he has found musical inspiration from Rick and Morty for an Auto-Tuned remix. His “Human Music” track is made up of sounds from the show, and you better believe he made a new song for Pickle Rick.

But as someone who thinks Rick’s improvised song “Get Schwifty” is one of the greatest moments in TV history, I’ve got a soft spot for anything related to it. Which is why I’m fond of his “Schwifty Beat” track.

I think it’s safe to say that even though he’s already shown us what he’s got–and we like it–we hope with seven episodes left this season he’s got a lot more to show us.

What other Rick and Morty episode would you like to hear a remix from? Sing it in the comments below, then check out a hand-sculpted Pickle Rick, a Pickle Rick vs Tiny Rick battle, and a series of posters for each season 3 episode from an artist working on the show.

Images: Adult Swim

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