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X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Costume Concept Art Includes Jubilee

X-Men: Days of Future Past featured an impressive line-up of characters from the comics, but it looks like at least one more mutant could have been included. Concept art by costume illustrator Phillip Boutte, Jr. reveals two images of Jubilee dressed in attire that puts her in the future with Kitty, Blink, and everyone else. She’s in costumes designed by Louise Mingenbach, and though she’s not wearing a bright yellow coat or giant hoop earrings, she does have fingerless gloves.

DOFP art 1

Perhaps Jubilee was left on the cutting room floor before filming even began? We know director Bryan Singer trimmed back on bigger stories for Rogue (Anna Paquin) and Storm (Halle Berry). My guess is that they didn’t want to add yet another moving part to the last group of mutants standing. It would be more to choreograph, more powers to render, and the scenes were already busy – in the best way.

Though I’d love to see Jubilee and her energy plasmoids in action, I’d rather see her in a more substantial role. I feel the same way about Blink.

Another interesting point about Boutte’s illustrations of Jubilee is that they feature the likeness of an actress who hasn’t portrayed the character yet. Jubilee has briefly appeared in the first three X-Men films; Katrina Florece was in X-Men and Kea Wong was Jubilee in X-2 and X-Men: The Last Stand. The art, however, features Jamie Chung.

While she could just be the random actress Boutte chose to put in Jubilee’s outfit, the other people featured in his costume illustrations are mostly the actors and actresses who appeared in Days of Future Past. It wouldn’t be the first time Jamie Chung portrayed a mutant. She voiced Aimi Yoshida in Activision’s X-Men Destiny.

DOFP art 2

The rest of Boutte’s art features a few different dystopian looks for the X-Men that are close to what we saw in the finished film:

Would you have liked to see Jubilee and her pyrotechnics in Days of Future Past? Head to the comments and let us know.

HT: io9

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  1. Lauren says:

    YES! and DAMMIT! Shafted again. She was supposed to be in X-Men 3 years ago in a badass yellow leather jacket, but it looks like they gave it to Megan Fox to wear in the new TMNT movie instead. SUCH A BUMMER! I can’t believe you guys posted about this because I TOTALLY was complaining about Jubilee not being written in when we left the theater after seeing Days of Future Past. (poopies.)

  2. John Lindner says:

    Gambit should have been in the stories from the start.