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Why Everyone is Flipping Out Over Last Night’s X-FILES!

Warning: There are massive spoilers ahead from last night’s season premiere of The X-Files

Remember two years ago when Fox brought back The X-Files for a six-episode run and left us on a cliffhanger that seemed to put Mulder on death’s door while the world fell to a deadly illness? Well, forget about it, because it was all a dream! Or maybe parts of it were a dream or some kind of vision of the future? But if you thought fans were pissed about that, well, the firestorm is just getting started. Today’s Nerdist News is diving into the Scully intel that changes everything we thought we knew about her son, William.

Join host and conspiracy crusher, Jessica Chobot, as she unpacks the loaded revelation that William is not the love child of Mulder and Scully. Instead, the Cigarette-Smoking Man secretly used science to impregnate Scully with alien DNA some time during the seventh season. Oh, and CSM may have used his own DNA as well. If so, that would make him William’s real father.

According to series creator Chris Carter, this was always the plan for Scully’s child, even if they never got around to dealing with it on the original series. So far, the response from fans has been less than positive. One of the more endearing parts of the previous season was the way that Mulder and Scully shared their grief over missing their son’s life. Now, that burden is Scully’s alone. And we’re thinking that this is one mystery that would have been better left out of the show.

What do you think about the paternity of Scully’s son and the season 10 cliffhanger? Declassify your thoughts in the comment section below!

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