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Win Yourself an Autographed Prock AWESOMES Figure, Straight from SDCC

You can’t keep a group of (not particularly) good superheroes down. After a whole season of attempting to cement their place as proper crime fighters, the team of misfits known as The Awesomes is back for another ten episodes of goofiness and gallantry. Led by Professor Dr. Awesome, a/k/a “Prock”, The Awesomes are still dealing with the ramifications of last year’s finale, and now have to contend with a new, unaffiliated superhero in the form of Metal Fella. He’s putting them all to shame.

Co-creator Seth Meyers (you know, that guy what hosts Late Night with Seth Meyers) stars as Prock, the put-upon son of the original Mr. Awesome and leader of the new team of second-rate heroes, who nevertheless mean well and end up doing some good as well. The show features the voice talents of Ike Barinholtz, Rashida Jones, Bill Hader, Taran Killam, Paula Pell, Kenan Thompson, Bobby Lee, and Josh Meyers.

In honor of the second season’s premiere on Hulu, we’re giving away FIVE (5) San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Prock figures (pictured below), autographed by Seth Meyers himself. A mighty awesome prize for any would-be hero. All you have to do to enter is comment below (with a valid email address, please) telling us what superpower you’d have and what your name would be if you were to join The Awesomes. (More on the official rules here. Contest ends Wednesday, August 13th.) Be creative! Remember, The Awesomes is a comedy show.

And don’t forget to watch The Awesomes, new episodes every Monday, only on Hulu.



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  1. Seth says:

    I would be the guy who abuses x-ray vision.

  2. Ynna Mendoza says:

    If I was on the Awesomes team my name would be The Animator and I would be able to animate any object and get them to do whatever I want, Unfortunately they’re all sarcastic a-holes.

  3. Tony Riney says:

    If I was in the Awesomes, I would want the power to eat crazy amounts of food turning them into different types of farts. You know like one’s that could make me fly, or one that be knock out gas, poison gas, or a like a love potion.  They would call me the Great Gasby.

  4. Ryley Trahan says:

    To be a team member on the Awesomes, I’d want the power to talk to plants. But I’d have to be really polite about it. I couldn’t just up and ask them where Dr. Malocchio was. I’d have to make some small talk first. 

  5. Cron: Has the power to read people’s minds and control them, but can only say a single word, “Cron”.

  6. A.C. Bowman says:

    My name is The Action Star: My power is being able to use the intellect and skills of any action star in any movie ever made as my defensive superpower. I also have a sub-power of being able to use combat skills and weapon used by any action star as my offensive superpower. 

  7. Gail P says:

    MommaMind…..I could strike fear into the hearts of villains with a stern look and counting to three…….they’d yield to my will without understanding why.

  8. Jason says:

    The Bruiser. No matter how hard or light I hit I always leave a bruise. Lol

  9. Nancy Hoang says:

    I would be the Asian Betty Crocker and be able to clog everyone’s arteries with my abilities to make delicious baked goods appear out of thin air. 

  10. Sam says:

    I am Lint Trap.  Able to control and manipulate very short fibers (including belly button lint).

  11. Saif Almuhairbi says:

    Tinker and I would be able to manipulate your brain.

  12. BumblebeeZ3 says:

    Nesting Dude: Able to split in half and produce replicas of himself each half as tall as the one before.

  13. ericwilborn says:

    The Procrapstinator: I’d be extremely efficient throughout the day on whatever work needed to be done, holding back pooping until the very last second. I’d rush to the toilet, making it a PHOTOFINISH (that’d be my signature move) and you’d lose me for the next hour.

  14. Stan says:

    I’d be Binary and have the ability to control electronic devices.

  15. I’ll be named Orion and I’ll have power of flight and the remember random movie trivia.

  16. Ben says:


    I’d have the power to grow hair out of my head which would be as strong as steel, malleable like rubber, and can stretch to infinite lengths.   I can use it to swing through the city, tie up criminals, hold bridges up, and tons of other uses!  However, it doesn’t stick to my head and simply falls out once it grows so I have to grow it wisely.  When not fighting crime, I have to deal with male-pattern baldness.

  17. David Ginsburg says:

    I would have the power to combine objects with other objects (e.g. fork and kite to create some sort of projectile stab weapon or something) and I’d call myself Amalgaman

  18. Jeff Edsell says:

    Teleportation. I told my son that I’d choose that power, except that I’d be afraid it would make me lazier than I already am, and he said, “I can’t imagine that being possible.”
    (He later said that he meant he couldn’t imagine anything making me lazy at all, but the damage was done. Only nine, and already the master of the sick burn. So proud. Burned but proud.)

  19. David says:

    Joe-rilla, I’d have the body of a gorilla and the mind of…a gorilla.. But I’d have a cool hat!

  20. Jam Kotenko says:

    Superduper Hotpants Gal, armed with the power to turn the negative thoughts of those around her into uncontrollable urges to dance. Additionally, she can control a person’s dance moves with her mind if she feels like joining in. Feel like ending the world, huh? Let’s do The Running Man!

  21. Sarah Grace says:

    Superpower is flight, and name is “Flying Quack”.

  22. Matt says:

    I would be the somnambulist with the power to put anyone I touch to sleep, when I can get my gloves off

  23. Paul says:

    “Perfect Husband” can read the minds of wives so their spouses can keep out of trouble.

  24. john says:

    id be sarcastic man!!! that would be great wouldn’t it!

  25. Ryan Dunn says:

    Captain Panic, here.  I have the power to worry myself into a frenzy, and transfer my anxiety into a shockwave that makes villains (or heroes) question their life choices.  

  26. Austin says:

    I would have the ability to know when to shush people so I don’t have to listen to annoying people.

  27. Aric says:

    You know how lots of video game characters have a double jump? That would be my power: I’d be able to jump, then get another jump in in mid-air, and I’d be called, well “Double Jump!” I’d also say the last word of every sentence twice, to double up and be quirky!

  28. I’d be Double-Decker with cool electricity powers that I awkwardly tried to explain as being British. (The powers, not me.)

  29. i would be super knitter gal and I would be able to knit a cocoon super fast to trap the bad guys

  30. Dave says:

    I’d have Zach’s power from Saved By The Bell — Probability control. I’d be “The Lucky One”