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William Shatner Reignites The STAR TREK Vs STAR WARS Debate on Twitter

When is the last time you got into a good old-fashioned Star Wars vs. Star Trek argument? Been awhile since you debated the merits and complexities of Han Solo vs. Captain Jean Luc Picard? Has it been far too long since you got heated about which would be the better possession to own: an actual lightsaber or your own holodeck? Well dust off your Spock ears and your Jedi robes, because Captain James Tiberius Kirk himself has once again launched the epic debate too big for space itself.

Okay, maybe that’s a little bit of hyperbole, but William Shatner did throw some serious shade at Star Wars recently, and we love a good nerd fight, so I think everyone is allowed to have a little fun with it. Like most arguments in modern day life, this one took place on the internet. It actually started with an innocent tweet from Once Upon A Time producer Adam Horowitz.

Well because we live in such a strange world today, that brought out a famous old man to yell at some clouds.

In fairness, that’s pretty funny. Horowitz recognized that Captain Kirk mocking Star Wars was probably the new highlight of his evening.

Then it got a little uncomfortable.

Uh, okay. William Shatner made this weird. Horowitz’s response is probably what most people would be thinking in that spot.

The two then talked about Sean Maguire, who plays Robin Hood on Once Upon a Time, and how Maguire follows Star Wars on Twitter, and really we live in a bizarre world of human-interaction and communication.

Lest you think that was the end of it, plenty of fans got involved (as well as Maguire), and Shatner felt the need to point out that Star Wars may have borrowed some things from other space stories. Surprisingly, he then started tweeting about the new trailer for The Force Awakens. It seemed maybe things had quieted down and some jokes about the new film, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford were (probably) all in good fun, even if it was troll-ish.

Then it got real.

Whoa. Um, I don’t think Star Wars fans will like that one.

This is awesome, right? I mean, if Bill Murray were doing this exact thing with say Men In Black, the internet would shut down. Captain Kirk throwing haymakers and low blows at fellow science-fiction legends and iconic movies is kind of what we hope all famous people would do, since we’d probably be the same. You know, since we are the same way, just without any of the cache.

Now that the internet has grabbed a hold of this story, Shatner did respond to the accusation that he “dissed” Star Wars.

I love it. Somebody get a hold of J.J. Abrams and find out what he thinks.

I highly recommend you pop over and spend some time looking through the entire exchange because it really is funny and bizarre and I’m not totally sure how much of it is tongue-in-cheek and how much is sincere. I do know it was cool to see how big a fan Shatner is of The Flash.

As for the actual debate: Star Wars vs. Star Trek? Well, I mean that’s an easy answer. There’s really no question at all…Tell us what Star-series you prefer. May The Force beam your thoughts into our comments below.


Image: Paramount

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