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What if it was Triassic Park? Or Devonian Park?

“Jurassic” isn’t just the name of an infamous park, it denotes a period in geologic history ranging from about 200 to 145 million years ago. The dreaded Tyrannosaurus rex was indeed stomping around during the Jurassic period, but what about velociraptors? What if Jurassic Park was set in another geologic period entirely?

In a very funny video from College Humor, Jurassic Park is re-imagined with creatures from the Devonian period (419-358 million years ago), the Ordovician period (485-443 mya), the Pre-cambrian supereon (4600-541 mya), the Paleogene period (66-23 mya), the Silurian period (443-419 mya), the Triassic period (252-201 mya), the Cambrian period (541-485 mya), and finally the Jurassic period. And the video is right: trilobites just aren’t as scary.

My only sticking point with the video comes in the last few seconds: T. rex wasn’t a scavenger or a predator, it was both!

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