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Channing Tatum Confirmed as Gambit by X-MEN Producer Lauren Shuler Donner

Even though it’s been rumored for quite some time, it looks like producer Lauren Shuler Donner, while speaking with Total Film magazine at the premiere of X-Men: Days of Future Past, has confirmed that the Cajun mutant Gambit will indeed be appearing on the big screen soon, tossing kinetically charged playing cards at bad guys, and that the part will by played by  none other than Channing Tatum.

Just how and where we will be seeing the character of Gambit is still the question though. Earlier reports were that Tatum would get a solo movie as Remy LeBeau, but that doesn’t seem too likely at this point. Far more likely is Channing Tatum being part of the X-Men proper in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse, which is scheduled to come out in May 2016. Director Bryan Singer has already hinted that among the new mutants joining the team in Apocalypse would probably be Nightcrawler and Gambit, joining the already confirmed children of the atom, Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Storm. I suppose if audiences really take to this new version of the character, a spin-off movie might be possible somewhere down the line. Having a star like Tatum though would only help increase the visibility of X-Men: Apocalypse, especially with female audiences.


The character of Gambit was already confirmed to be around during the 1980’s (which is where we assume the bulk of X-Men Origins: Wolverine took place, which yes, is still in continuity regardless of whether or not it sucks) which is when X-Men: Apocalypse will also be set. Sadly, this probably precludes a romance with longtime X-Men love interest Rogue, I’m afraid, at least if the timeline is to be adhered to. Sorry all you Rogue and Gambit shippers. Having Tatum as Gambit would be a far smarter casting choice for the character, if only because Tatum has seen his star power rising steadily these past few years (Magic Mike, 21 Jump Street) while the previous Gambit, Taylor Kitsch, has headline a strong of high profile box office flops like John Carter and Battleship. If indeed the character is going to be included, then the smart money’s on Tatum.

What do you think of Channing Tatum as Remy Lebeau? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Lmflores8 says:

    Just no. No. No. No no. NO! 

  2. I AM PISSED! WHY THEE HELL did ANYONE think Channing Tatum was a good idea? What?  Just because someone thought he was cute?  So what?  A lot of people think the kids from One Direction are cute. I say Norman Reedus. He already looks like Gambit. SERIOUSLY. HE DOES. Plus, we know he can do a southern accent, action, and acting.

  3. Beth Taylor says:

    By the gods! NO!!!!!!!

  4. IsDihara says:

    Can I see a screen test before I decide?

  5. Ronald Smith says:

    Screw that, get Stephen Moyer instead! Nobody more perfect than the awesome actor who plays Bill Compton on True Blood.

  6. Marie says:

    For some reason, this comment box won’t let me paste the table flipping emoji.

  7. terencia says:

    O my gosh u people are so horrible so quick to make a decision wait until you see the movie and the actor in action then judge from there u can’t just convince your self that the movie with suck just because they cast an other actor can any of u do better  i don’t think so that’s why ur all here criticizing if u think u can audition for the role n let me know how that workout geez give the guy a break wait on the movie Channing Tatum is a great actor an am sure he will be just as good as Taylor kitsch

    • I think we’re allowed to express opinions on the casting,  particularly if that opinion is based on his not looking like the character at all, which will not change for the movie.

      • Terencia says:

        U cant be serious ur point is based on a look a like thats just nonsense how many actors act in movies and look nothing like the characters do u think u look like him if u do then I wish u get the role let see how u will act geezz 

  8. nunya says:

    Nooooo. Matthew McConaughey woulda been a perfect gambit!

  9. Ashley says:

    What about Taylor Kitsch??

  10. Tory says:

    I love the Nerdist Network with a passion, but this is kind of an asshole article. Channing Tatum’s “star power” is a shitty reason for casting, if that’s what you’re saying the main reason was. Hugh Jackman and over half the rest of the cast are heavy weights when it comes to star power. Also, not all females find Tatum attractive—I don’t. Many of the other male actors that are regulars in the X-Men are incredibly attractive. And anyways, what does the attractiveness of the male characters have to do with pulling in a  female audience? There are plenty of females who love the comics or the other movies on their merit and not because of their sex drive. Pulling in more females shouldn’t be the point anyways. Writing an excellent story that satifies any viewer should be the point.

  11. I support #Chambit

  12. Slythiechick says:

    poor casting, imo.  He’s just not built like the character.  That, and he doesn’t have the acting chops to pull this character off.  Also, they better get his damn eyes right in the next movie.  Black, red pupils.  

  13. Meh says:

    🙁 I always wanted Josh Holloway as Gambit. Alas…

  14. As long as he gets the accent and humor right!

  15. Dawn says:

    This just broke my heart. He just doesn’t do it for me at all. They should have brought Taylor Kitsch back for this. His look was right, he did well playing the part before. I think they are just going with Tatum to get the bigger name so they can try and guarantee they make money because of his huge female fan base. I am highly disappointed. 

  16. s says:

    I really dont feel like he would fit the role. He doesn’t have the right build and like what a lot of other people have said, hes better off being a typical america boy somewhere else.

  17. QVenka says:

    Hmm…Maybe he would be decent Cable instead. I think he is too bulky to be Gambit. Gambit is not small but certain not a hulk like Tatum. I really wish that they keep Taylor because he could do a good resemblance to the comic book version of Remy. I hope that they will reconsider.

  18. k says:

    If he can’t pull off the Cajun Accent, he can’ be in the role. What’s Remy LeBeau without a Cajun accent? All WRONG…of course, 20th Century Fox is good at that!

  19. Abby says:

    This makes me want to kick puppies.

  20. krogan-charging says:

    This is terrible casting.Tatum doesn’t have the range to play remy.Tatum is at his best when he is playing a good guy soldier.

  21. grim says:

    Wanna know how Tatum will be as Gambit?
    This is how:
    Tatum with a stupid blank look his, eye line down and slightly to the left like he’s to remember and recite his lines.
    (Monotone, no Cajun inflection) “Don’t worry, Miss Petite (he pronounces it “pet-teet”), Gambit is…. line…. here.”
    Pretty sure I have precognition. Either that…. or I’ve seen him “act.”

  22. Charlie Job says:

    well, channing is the correct sex, race, and age, but surely they could find a young white dude that also knows how to act…

  23. Mac81 says:

    I think they should have brought back Taylor Kirtch from the first Wolverine movie. He did a good job. Or maybe Emile Hirtch. Decent actor and also kind of has a passing resemblance to Gambit. 

    • Dawn says:

      I completely agree with you. They blew it with not bringing him back. 

      • Cory says:

        Taylor Kirt h was a horrible choice because his accent wasn’t Cajun, he spoke NO French, and he never spoke in the third person. If Tatum can pull this off then he beats Kirtch by default. Also I barely recognized him in Jupiter Ascending. Don’t think I’ll wanna watch it but he looked promising. 

  24. Captain Mcgloo says:

    I’m interested to see Channing Tatum as Gambit.  But I don’t know if I can handle a solo Gambit movie.  I little of Gambit goes a long way.

  25. morentin1326 says:

    Booooo! why can’t they leave crap alone… TK was good.

  26. Cameron says:

    So I suppose this means that Scott and Jean get revived in Days of Future’s Past? Huh. 

  27. SaraFrost says:

    Noooo why? I loved Gambit as Taylor Kitsch… So you think you’ll make more money with that guy as Lebeau? Shame on you, plus most of my grilfriends don`t like him, Im done with you people, ugh.

  28. Butt says:

    Tatum will never be able to pull off the Cajun accent. He should stick to being Danny McBride’s gimp. 

  29. G says:

    Unless it’s being a brutish muscle bound thick headed mid 20’s hunk – Channing Tatum can’t act.
    As much as Taylor Kitsch may have starred in flop films, I really enjoyed him as Remy.
    Not happy.

  30. lars452 says:

    It’ll be interesting to see what he bring to the character. 

  31. Alex says:

    Seems pretty legit. Gambit is supposed to be a lady killer, and bitches be lovin channing tatum.

    • Yeah…but he can’t act.  He’s just some big piece of eye candy.  We need Gambit to walk, talk ,and kick ass. Not just take his shirt off to distract us from his horrible acting.

  32. Walter says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……………………….aAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. WTF?!?! It’s so much funnier because it’s not an April fools joke. Hopefully he won’t Channing all over Apocalyspe’s Tatum.