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Should WESTWORLD’s Sylvester and Felix Worry About Job Security?

Everyone needs allies when they start a revolution, but if it’s a robot uprising, it’s also helpful to have two hapless lab technicians you can manipulate into giving you advanced capabilities, like Maeve did with Felix and Sylvester in Westworld‘s first season. And while the pair made a surprise appearance on the most recent episode looking alive and well…ish, that doesn’t mean they’re out of danger yet. We don’t mean their personal safety though, we’re talking about whether or not they are in serious trouble with Delos’s H.R. Department.

We asked Leonardo Nam and Ptolemy Slocum at the show’s season two premiere whether they thought Felix and Sylvester should be worried about their job security, since they violated just about every protocol in the Westworld handbook. Turns out they have bigger concerns than their next paycheck.

While we would have guessed things are only going to get far more brutal for Sylvester this year (even worse than having to hold an unpinned grenade with your chin), Nam’s revealing response that Felix might have helped Maeve because he loves her could have even bigger ramifications the rest of the season.

As for keeping their jobs even though they helped the park’s hosts gain sentience, we don’t think they’ll be fired, since there probably won’t be an H.R. Department left to fire them when all the humans are dead.

They might finally catch a break! Or a bullet in their head. Either/or.

Where do you think Felix and Sylvester’s story will go from here? Host your best ideas in the comments below.

Featured Image: HBO

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