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We Need to Play a Point-and-Click SEINFELD Adventure Game

Jacob Janerka quit his job to crowdfund a point-and-click adventure game called Paradigm. It’s set in the not too distant future and is inspired by early ’80s fiction. The game looks great, but a side-project of Janerka’s is currently getting all the attention. And it is gold Jerry…gold!

Yesterday, Janerka posted a few screengrabs of a point-and-click Seinfeld game that he is working on in his free time to Reddit. Everyone absolutely loved it, including me, so I contacted Janerka for some more info. He didn’t disappoint.



Keep in mind, this (so far) is just a fun distraction. “I don’t have a huge amount of content at the moment for it, early days,” Jankera told me in an email. But maybe the internet’s response to a game about nothing could change his mind. “I was gauging the public’s interest, so far it’s blown me away.”

Janerka’s efforts so far look perfect. George is comically short and his back pocket is stuffed with a stressed wallet. Kramer is tall and ready to fall. Even the main game screen is spot-on (spot the white/black cookie showing your health and the marble rye on the table).



And think of all the possible missions. Here are just a few I want to play:

  • Recuse the pigman
  • Steal the marble rye
  • Survive a handshake from man-hands
  • Transport Frogger
  • Bootleg DeathBlow
  • Get the blood to the blood bank before Jerry’s car overheats
  • Avoid the cable repairman
  • Stealthily eat a snack from the trash
  • Get fired from the Yankees

I need to play this game. If you do too, send some love Jacob’s way on Twitter or on his website. And let me know what missions you’d like to see in the comments.


IMAGES: Courtesy of Jacob Janerka

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